They must need more gun control

The Seattle area,via their dominance of state politics, pushed a bunch of gun control down our throats in the last ten years. They promised us less “gun crime” for the tax on gun sales (Seattle only) the extended waiting periods, the standard capacity magazine bans, the training requirements for semi-auto rifles, and the banning of sales to people under the age of 21.

You would think with all those “gun safety” laws Seattle would be much safer now than it was ten years ago. Some people don’t see it that way:

A good August is when nothing happens. But this one has been more like the devil’s month, as some call it in South America.

During a time that, one hoped, was going to mark some summer recovery from the social dislocations of the pandemic, Seattle is instead continuing to slide backward — dangerously so in the areas of street crime and drugs.

Seattle has seen 11 homicides this month — making this the deadliest single month in the city as far back as the police’s crime dashboard has records (to 2008). The previous high for any month was nine homicides, and for any August before this one, six.

They must need still more gun control and defunding of the police.*

If that is their response then you know it’s not about “safety” or prevention of “gun crime”. It means they are delusional and/or it is about the control of ordinary people and/or the destruction of our society.

* Sarcasm.


4 thoughts on “They must need more gun control

  1. Perhaps, but I see it as a taste of hard knocks from the beginning of Seattle’s collapse through the eyes of Danny Westneat. I do agree that he would still likely cheer for gun control unless/until he fears for his family safety.

    “I think I’ve harped enough, for now, on how our city botched its relations with police, and then also failed to stand up much in the way of alternatives. The politics of that time didn’t cause these crime or opioid waves. But the dysfunction sure isn’t helping the city fight them now. Hopefully city leaders can find a way past all that.”

  2. Movement’s are afoot to destroy our society. If that’s not painfully obvious to thinking people by now, I don’t know what it will take. There are still people that have the delusion that these actions are for societies betterment, but these delusional people are being used.

  3. Of course, they need more gun control.

    When something needs to be done, gun control is what one does instead of something.

  4. Blackrock is divesting itself of it’s residential holdings. So maybe I was wrong about them helping destroy things so they can buy it up cheap.
    Maybe they are doing it just to see shit-hole misery on humanity? No matter. This stuff ain’t changing till people get down-right-hell-no pissed-off.
    And maybe do the great vigilante purge of 20??.
    Worked in San Francisco back in the 1850’s. And they still talk about it like it was a bad thing. But it left an impression politician have been whining about ever since!

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