Quote of the day—Max Weisman

Advertisements on public transit should not subliminally advocate for the purchase of firearms.

Max Weisman
August 29, 2022
Advertising dollars are powerful—When it comes to gun violence prevention, Philadelphia’s ads can do better.
[This tyrant want-to-be openly states his intent to infringe upon the First Amendment as well as the Second Amendment.

I could see a better case being made that firearms related advertisements are public service announcements and should receive discounts.

At least it is nice to have his crimes documented. I hope he enjoys his trial.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Max Weisman

  1. “Advertising dollars are powerful” Not unless there offering some kind of reward through them.
    This guy is a moron and a communist stooge.
    But as say Joe. It’s nice to know who is doing what for criminal prosecution purposes.
    Or who is going to get lined up against the wall the real communists take over.

  2. Is this the fool whose screed is basically, “Ads to discourage straw purchases actually encourage straw purchases”?

    Maybe that makes sense in the mind of someone whose thought processes are so twisted into an Orwellian knot, they can’t tell up from down. But for the rest of us, an ad saying that lying for someone while purchasing a gun is a federal crime that could get you 10 years in federal prison, does a decent job of discouraging the practice.

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