Free stage design tool

This stage design tool is cool:


This is a web application. No installing on your local machine is required.

Other features (from an email I received from them):

  • Easy to use – Simply drag and drop the props onto the stage and arrange how you like. 
  • My Stages Library – By creating an account in our Stagebuilder software, you will be able to save stages in your own “My Stages” library to come back to later.
  • Custom Props – We have included a wide selection of props to use in your stages, and you can even upload your own images to use as props. You can also add a text box to the stage to include specific instructions or notes if needed.
  • Stage Descriptions – You are able to include: a stage name, start position, stage number, round count, number of strings, number of paper targets, type of scoring, procedure notes, and setup notes. This description is added to the bottom of the page when you print or save your stage.

If you scroll down while on the web page there are a lot more target types to chose from.

You can save your stages online, include a stage description, print them out.

25 years ago when I was working for Microsoft on Direct X I fantasized about writing an application like this but with the added feature of using 3D and allowing you to walk through the stage and visualize it from any angle.

There are many other stage design tools. Some even use augmented reality which would be cool because you could superimpose your stage over your shotting bay using your phone camera.

Another type is, basically, Legos for stage designers.

With my own range now I think just the simple web app works for me. I can do the 3D visualization in reality rather than virtual space.