Quote of the day—David Hardy

It’s not just that the anti-gunners are losing. It’s that their cause is becoming irrelevant, obsolete.

David Hardy
July 28, 2022
Right to arms — in Taiwan
[I think a case can be made for his assertion even though I think this might be somewhat overstating the situation. They still have some fight in them. See, for example, the law New York state passed in response to the Bruen decision, the bill Biden just signed into law, and the bill just passed by the House.

Most of those laws will not pass constitutional muster but it will take a lot of time and money to get them thrown out.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—David Hardy

  1. Also interesting from Canada is their new mandatory AR buy-back/steal program. I’m sure communists on this side of the border are salivating.
    Taiwan and Ukraine are dealing with external invasion. US and Canada are deal with an internal communist insurrections.
    And once again we see the brilliance of our forefathers. As democracy is a failure, and there will always be someone that wants to steal whatever you have.
    “You have a republic. If you can keep it.”

  2. “…it will take a lot of time and money to get them thrown out.”
    Yes, and this is the functional definition of the now common saying, “The process is the punishment”. One of the reasons for, or promises of, the Bill of Rights is that we shouldn’t be forced to waste our time and precious resources, or to risk our very freedom, to uphold our rights. And so, while the process is the punishment, it is also a crime, in and of itself.

    Leftist actors take note. You’re criminals, and justice has a way of catching up to people in unforeseen ways. However, it may not be too late for you, even now, to repent. But time is getting short. Do not vacillate! Some of you, with inside knowledge and call lists particularly, could be among the best allies of the cause of liberty, and could thus turn what could be an unmitigated disaster for you into a great victory. And again, the close of probation, so to speak, draws near!

  3. The Bruen ruling from the SCOTUS….a very pleasant surprise….is just a temporary setback to the left. They will regroup, refocus and continue the never ending assault on our freedoms including our 2A rights. The left never gives up, never quits, never goes away and will never compromise. They will do whatever is required to achieve their goals. They can try a thousand times…..and if they succeed only once they are that much closer to winning….so they go back to the
    battle against freedom and try again….and again….and again. As long as they can turn O2 into CO2 they will never stop trying to disarm and enslave us. NEVER!

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