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There is NO WAY that this court is going to rule in ANY way that could expand our rights under the Second Amendment. The right of a citizen to own AND POSSESS the means of self defense makes it exceedingly difficult and often dangerous for those in power to wield power. Disarming us so they can rule with impunity is their NUMBER ONE AGENDA. And there is quite literally nothing the commies in power won’t do to achieve that goal….including murdering a SCOTUS justice if required. And compared to killing a judge packing a few more quisling puppets onto the bench is small potatoes.

May 1, 2021
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[This was in in regard to NYS Rifle and Pistol Association V. Superintendent of NYS Police (No. 20-843) which was decided 14 months later on June 23, 2022.

I realize progress is excruciatingly slow to the point it seems as if it is hopeless, but the court system is working for us.—Joe]


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  1. Even though the court did side with us, kind of. We can see the communists have in no way slowed the stupid.
    Debate on H.R.1808 had Nadler openly admitting that the problem with AR-15’s is that they are in “common usage”. And need to be banned.
    Dan’s comment was hyperbolic to an existent. But only one branch of government away from being spot on.
    And only Jen Psaki could say Scalia died of natural causes with a straight face.
    But it feels good to finally make some headway.
    Take a bow, Joe!
    A big chunk of that court decision is because of you. And your commitment to peaceful resolutions, as our forefathers intended.
    Thanks for donating so much to the cause!
    Because of you the communist has no choice but to overreach and become violent. Which will show even the simple minded of us who they truly are.
    Thanks again!

  2. While the tone of the comment is intense, it never the less is something that should be concerning to all people in this country, regardless of their political proclivities. With the lack of forceful and lawful reaction by the Biden Administration to the protesters outside of Supreme Court justices’ homes and the general lack of outcry when a real threat to a justice was fortunately stopped, such a tragedy as the comment describes becomes all the more possible. Whip up enough unbridled fury and there will inevitably be some disillusioned person, thinking they are doing a patriotic service that will commit such a crime. The repercussions will be intense and extreme; something that will lead to an unbelievable level of unrest and many on both sides of the Conservative/Progressive divide will believe that retributive action is called for. Once that happens, I doubt there will be much opportunity for any civil discourse. Extreme violence will be seen as the only solution. It doesn’t take too much to understand how bad this could all become.

  3. Hmm. He lost me at “expand our rights”. One who understands would be thoroughly incapable of using such language. Like the giver Himself, God-given “rights” cannot be expanded or contracted, or altered or modified. They can be respected or violated, of course, but they can never be changed in any way.

    Back to the subject at hand. In the generations since Rerum Novarum unleashed some of the worst violence and mass-murder in all human history, there has been a continuous attack on the mindset and doctrines of the formerly free world (properly understood as the formerly Protestant world). At some stage it will cease to matter terribly much, to the global authoritarians, whether we are armed or not, because our thought paradigms will have been so completely altered. The notion of winning a revolution without firing a shot has been around for a very long time, and it hasn’t been forgotten.

    And there is a concept at play in the world which most of the world understands not at all, even though it is a very ancient concept, passed down from Babylon, perfected by the Persians, and literally bequeathed (by King Attalus of Pergemon [Pergamos]) to the Roman emperors. That is the doctrine of what the Catholics today refer to as “infallibility”. It says that a king’s decree cannot be undone, because he is perfect, being never in error, which is of course, ostensibly, why he is king in the first place. Knowing of this doctrine is fundamental to understanding some of the workings in the world right now. To alter or undo a previous king’s decree would be to admit that it was flawed, and therefore that he is flawed, and therefore such alteration would destroy the very doctrine of infallibility upon which the king system relies. It’s important to understand this because it means that oftentimes the global authoritarians’ hands are tied, so to speak. It is also important to understand and be able to distinguish an “ex cathedra” (from the seat, or chair) declaration from an ordinary lie, musing, bold assertion or other order or misstatement. One can never be undone, but the others can. The world powers are bound to the doctrine, but of course they’ll play around the edges of it as much as they possible can. Bringing women into the Supreme Court may be part of such playing around, but there’s a whole other doctrine behind that, which needs further study besides.

    Thus to maintain their false credibility, the powers-that-should-not-be are fairly well hamstrung in many cases while having absolute latitude in others. Apply that knowledge to your future predictions and understandings of current events and it will go a bit more smoothly.

    • Hmm, is there not a difference between freedom and punishment? No matter what you think that your freedoms are, if society punishes you for exercising your rights, you still have been punished. After all, Jesus died on the cross for exercising his rights. I’d read Dan’s expression as expanding our [legal] rights.

      Technically, those rights were expanded by SCOTUS, the question I have is how meaningful are the results? In the case of NY and other blue states, I’d call it a pyrrhic victory. Sure you can sue the state and try to get another hearing before SCOTUS, but that takes years. In the meantime, the blue states and the administration’s policy is to defy or work around SCOTUS decisions. And they are doing it openly – just like the sanctuary cities did.

      In that sense, it is a net loss for us. We we now live in an authoritarian world where any action we take, including civil and discourse, will net us less – not more [legal] rights.

  4. Round one of this to the good guys…. a surprising result considering.
    Now we wait for the next round. Because the left is NOT going to give
    up on this fight and surrender. The question is what will they do. We
    are already seeing states like Kali and New York pass laws that are
    blatant attempts to block people from exercising their 2A rights as a
    specific response to this ruling. What else will they try. I expect that
    eventually the left will attempt to “pack the court” to achieve a majority
    and then over turn this ruling AND reinstate Roe v Wade. As it stands
    many of the leftists in power are simply acting like they will ignore this
    ruling and continue with business as usual. This is NOT over by any
    stretch of the imagination. Leftists never give up, never quit, never go
    away voluntarily.

  5. “John Marshall has made his decision. Now let him enforce it.”

    We have a government that has become so powerful as to become lawless.
    Does anybody think they will willingly give up their power.?

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