Green is Red

Via Alice Smith @TheAliceSmith:


It’s isn’t exactly new information. This was pretty clear, if not the 1960s, then, by the 1970’s. But in this case I give the meme maker a lot of slack for poetic license.


9 thoughts on “Green is Red

  1. Another possible meme would be “green is the new hemp” with a picture of a noose and Lenin’s quote about capitalists selling the rope they will be hanged with.

  2. IIRC, it was common knowledge by the mid 70s that Greenpeace – the mingling of the anti-nuclear Greens and the anti-war ‘peace with the Russians at any price’ Peacers – was a Russian funded maskirokva operation that is still active to this day.

    At least more people are seeing the econutz for what they are.

  3. “The greet tree has red roots” was a common saying in Germany in the seventies.

  4. What we are observing is the breakdown of a common Weltanschauung or world view. Like it or not, well functioning societies require a common Weltanschauung and when that breaks down, societies will then die in fits and starts. So yes, Green is the new Red, or just wait awhile and everything will be Purple or Blood Red.

  5. Call yourself whatever color you like. Won’t change the fact that every time you open your mouth the whole world is going to know your a brain-washed communist moron.
    That would have a hard time growing weeds.
    In this divided atmosphere. Claiming to be something only works on idiots. You can’t stand ass deep in garbage and claim to be the new green deal. Out to fix the world! (Anymore than that cape you were wearing at 7 yrs. old was going to save you when you jumped of the garage roof.)
    Colors don’t matter when your brain-dead.
    Like Sandy Cortez crying at the fence, or getting handcuffed. It’s all BS.
    The lines have been drawn to clearly.

  6. And after just listening to Jerry Nadler tell Bishop that the point of H.R.1808 was to confiscate weapons in common usage.
    “Because the problem is they are in common usage.”
    All f–k’in commies. Every last one.

  7. MO; take any cause that might be popular, and attach Romanism/Marxism to it. Now you’re a terrible person if you don’t favor authoritarianism.

    Taken to its full potency, this tactic renders anyone who opposes the left an enemy of the very survival of life on Earth! So you don’t like global fascism? You’re a deadly enemy of mankind! Heretic! It’s classic.

    Also, by the way, when you mix science and politics, you get politics. That’s all this movement has ever been about. It’s all it can ever be, because we can no longer divorce politics from science. All we can have therefore is fake science backing up the politics. Real scientific inquiry is put down via intimidation and career destruction, the latter of which is the antithesis of science.

    • Nope, nothing green about them. As you and Alice point out. It’s just another communist lie.
      The only thing they produce is death. Hopefully more of their own this time.

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