Quote of the day—Robert Spencer

The endgame is not just to make Americans despise Thomas Jefferson, but to make the average American ashamed of being American. That’s what this has been about from first to last. If the complexities of human experience have to be obliterated in the process, with cartoonish one-dimensional heroes and villains put in their place, so be it. We cannot celebrate Jefferson for all that he did to lay the groundwork for the freest society the world has ever seen. We cannot see him as a remarkable but flawed human being who was exemplary in some ways but not in others.

What’s more, the reason why the Left hates him with such burning intensity is not that he was a slave owner. Leftists love Fidel Castro, who enslaved an entire nation. They love all manner of authoritarians, totalitarians, and mass murderers. They’ve never minded the eggs that have to be broken to make their socialist omelets.

No, the real reason why the Left hates Thomas Jefferson is for all the things for which he should rightly be celebrated: Because he fought against tyranny. Because he helped create a free republic.

Robert Spencer
July 10, 2022
Thomas Jefferson’s Home Has Been Taken Over by Leftist America-Haters
[I do not have a better hypothesis..—Joe]


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  1. True. Spencer is one of the few who understand.

    Satan is the chief of the accusers, but what he really hates is the good in you, and what he hates most is the perfection in Christ.

  2. Wow! I’m surprised anitafa, (gay version) and blm haven’t burned the place down already. That’s cool it’s still there.
    Maybe what the commies don’t understand is the backlash it creates?
    If one travels all the way to see Monticello. One might already have some idea of who Jefferson was. And what he did in his life?
    And having some faggy tour guide dissing the guy the whole time is going to do what? Ruin your vacation.
    Piss you off in the extreme toward the jokes that are destroying society. Not Jefferson.
    It’s only going focus your attention on the assholes, not the object.
    This is the reason communism always fails. It doesn’t present a new and better future. It’s always trying to get you to except the next level down.
    Which is the exact opposite of human nature.
    Thomas Jefferson was the author of the Declaration of Independence. You can’t change that.
    Who gives a crap what else he did?
    Only a communist moron would think dissing would work.

  3. A few weekends ago there was a piece in the weekend edition of the Wall St Journal entitled “What Remains of Thomas Jefferson?”. It was actually pretty good in spite of what the title would suggest.

    I wrote a letter in reply (which didn’t get published). Here’s what I wrote:

    This weekend’s WSJ posed the question “What Remains of Thomas Jefferson?”.

    My answer is the epitaph of Sir Christopher Wren, on his grave in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London for which he was the architect: “si monumentum requiris, circumspice” — “if you seek his monument, look around you”.

    If you seek the monument of Thomas Jefferson, look around you, anywhere in the United States of America.

  4. Did you ask yourself why Jefferson is despised? Well, here’s why in part:

    From Cliff Mass today talking about the dust storm pileup in Montana:

    “We can warn of such events. Not only were the thunderstorms well forecast but our surface observing stations and weather radars were picking up the wind event HOURS before the disaster.


    Imagine if we created an environmental warning app that could be loaded on everyone’s smartphone. The phone would know one’s location and warn you that very strong winds were about to hit you—with an explicit caution about dust storms.

    We could do this. And such an app could also warn of other conditions, such as ice on the roadway, flooding on roadways, and much more. Call it the “Driver Protector App.”

    Cliff is not a leftist. He is a realist with a libertarian streak. What he proposes sounds reasonable, but, yet if we allow the implementation of more and more of the 1,000’s of good ideas that are developed every day we end up living in a world without the freedoms, risks, and responsibilities that our parent, grandparents, and Jefferson lived with. Note that Cliff even admits that it the drivers were more responsible the accidents would not have happened. Fifty years ago, the solution would have been emphasizing responsibility. Today the solution is a tech solution, and it could go far beyond what Cliff is proposing.

    It happens step by step and as successes occur and technology advances. In response, we demand more and more. And, of course, since we are fallible mistakes will be made, others – e.g., criminals, power hungry – will take advantage, and some choices are murky – all leading to an even more of dystopian civilization. If you have ever had to deal with a SAFETY expert, a CONSTRUCTION inspector, an EPA official, or a FOOD inspector you will know the process. And just try undoing one of rules these officials are implementing – it is all but impossible. BTW the same is true of large institutional software systems with many stakeholders.

    Jefferson and the constitution and bill of rights are only a partial defense which have failed to fully protect against the many excesses of our tech world. Still, since officials and their supporters find even these minimal constraints limiting, they want our bill of rights and Jefferson to go.

    In defense, we need to be promoting a Libertarian philosophy tailored to tech world that we will be living in. Something like Asimov’s three laws of robotics. For starters, I’d include rights to reverse procedures, protocols, and laws; and education basics including individual responsibilities and duties: along with a common moral code. And, of course, I’d include our constitution and bill of rights.

  5. Trying to figure out why leftists are what they are, do what they do, act like they act is pointless. You don’t reason with rabid dogs. You SHOOT THEM.

  6. All good and thoughtful points here, and all failing, to various degrees, the paradigm test. If you want to understand your world, to understand history and thus to see where things are heading, this is an excellent primer;

    25 minutes out of one day of your life isn’t too much to ask, when in return you receive an undeniable and time-tested set of principles, explaining what otherwise will never make sense to you.

    Beware though; from this moment on you’ll be counted among the stubbornclosedmindedfundamentalistextremistseparatists

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