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We’re way beyond what the framers ever had in mind for gun rights already. And for a selective originalist Supreme Court conservative majority, it’s hard to justify glossing over the history behind the Second Amendment.

Much like we did away with the 18th (prohibition) when it no longer served us, it’s time to do away with the archaic constitutional amendment holding Americans hostage in their own country.

It’s time to say, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, the Second Amendment’s gotta go.”

Carli Pierson
July 11, 2022
Americans can’t handle their guns. Time to repeal the 2nd Amendment
[Perhaps lawyers have their self awareness surgically removed as part of their schooling. How else do you explain the favorable mention of the failure of prohibition of alcohol and in the next sentence demand the enablement of a different type of prohibition?

In true lawyer fashion she ignores all the mitigating evidence in support of the right to keep and bear arms and insists the murderous behavior of a few individuals are proof beyond reasonable doubt that a group composed of roughly 40% of the population should be denied their freedom.

Can we demonstrate the bad behavior of a few individual lawyers then justifiably demand all lawyers be sent to prison? While I’m certain some people would give this serious consideration they are individuals as well and must only stand trial for their individual acts.

Pierson has thoughtfully provided the documentation for some of her crimes. I hope she enjoys her trial.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Carli Pierson

  1. I believe in law school, the smartest people in the world are made to argue both sides of any question no matter how silly one side maybe. If need be they will take a stand against 1 + 1 = 2.

    This is why a rarely listen to lawyers opinions in media. They will argue about anything as long as they are making money from arguing.

    • Just like many other licensed professionals – you must follow the profession’s rules and protocols, or your license is taken away. We tend to think that a professional is a master and can think for themselves to deal with your problem. After all, most are highly paid, yet in reality they are rigorously trained tradesmen that perform their job using a common toolbox.

      What is damming is that some professions only offer bad advice and cannot see the forest for the trees. That’s what they are paid to do, and they do it. Examples are everywhere, if you care to look at ‘alternative’ sources.

      That makes our constitutional rights necessary for the health and wellbeing of society, for without those rights the bureaucracies win, and society slides into a dystopia.

      I don’t think that we really understand the nature of the threat that we are facing.

  2. “It’s time to say, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, the Second Amendment’s gotta go.”
    That’s funny!
    My turn; Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Killing Communists, the way to go!
    Despite what’s been surgically removed or implanted in that piss-poor example of humanity.
    In the end, it is always about who gets to kill whom.
    Political power comes from the barrel of a gun, right? Don’t believe? Look at most federal swat raids these days. All political.
    At its trial we can only hope it represents itself. Even as a lawyer it would still have a fool for a client.
    And about that 1A for lawyers that abuse free speech?

    • Yeah, the “hey hey” thing touched a nerve with me too. About as Commie of a slogan as you can get. Of course she wants to disarm the populace, how else to impose other Commie agenda items?

  3. Lawyers are tradesmen, not academics. Law school is like electrician school, you learn how to do a job in the real world. Electricians aren’t EEs, and lawyers are not historians. Most of them don’t know principles; instead, they know what arguments to make to get juries and courts to decide their way. A few do, I had some nice conversations about Constitutional principles with a corporate lawyer I worked with. But it seems to be uncommon.

  4. I can’t hold any particular anger toward people who call for repealing the second amendment, after all that is the way it is supposed to happen. Let them bring forth their proposed amendments and try going through the system the founders established, they lack the support needed to succeed, but they have just as much a right as anyone as else to an asinine political take. I can at least appreciate their honesty compared to those who ignore the constitution and continue to try pass unconstitutional laws

    • IIRC, most of the original states of the union have provisions baked into their own founding that trigger a dissolution or breakaway from the Union if any of the original Amendments are stricken or repealed. The later add-ons are fair game, but not the ones that were required before the states would agree to join.

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