Quote of the day—Kamala Harris

Because those weapons are available, and we have to stop allowing those weapons to be available to civilians living in communities of people who have a right to believe that they are not in a war zone.

Assault weapons were specifically and intentionally designed to kill a lot of human beings quickly. It is a weapon of war. If you’ve ever looked at, if I may be so blunt, an autopsy photograph to see what it does to the human body. And the fact that we can’t get Congress to renew – it’s not like we’re pulling something out of our hat. We’ve done it before as a nation – to renew the assault weapons ban, is outrageous.

You can support the Second Amendment. I support the Second Amendment, but we should agree we should not have weapons of war on the streets of America.

Kamala Harris
July 10, 2022
VP Harris calls for ‘assault weapons ban’ on guns ‘intentionally designed to kill’ people
[“Assault weapons” use account for smaller percentage of the murders than those committed using bare hands and feet.

I see the greater wounding potential as a feature. That makes it a good defensive weapon.

The Second Amendment is about the protecting peoples right to defending themselves from a tyrannical government. Harris either doesn’t understand the Second Amendment, or more likely, understands and realizes the Second Amendment is an impediment to her goals.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you no one wants to take your guns. Harris and Biden are both advocates for enabling tyranny. Don’t let them get their way.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kamala Harris

  1. Wasn’t every gun ever invented made to kill people? There wouldn’t be a reason to own one if they wouldn’t.
    The problem is we all are trying to be nice and polite.
    The real conversion is who gets to kill whom.
    And Kamel-la just wants to kill you without protest, or redress.
    God made man. Sam Colt made them equal.
    Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.
    Eugene Stoner keeps it that way.
    If Kammy can’t handle that. She’s in deep do-do. We got 20 million of them already. It’s just a matter of where their pointed.

  2. Whenever some one says something like “I support the Second Amendment but…” everything before the word “but” is a lie.

    • Truer words were never spoken.
      That’s my sig line (with full attribution to you, btw) at the Guncounter forum where I first encountered you and that sentiment!

  3. Ban everything for the Great Reset Leap Forward.
    None are safe until all are safe.
    It is for the egalitarian equity of the unity hive collective.
    Vee vill keep you safe, Ja!

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