Evidence of Idiocracy

As if you didn’t already have sufficient evidence with the current administration now there is a study confirming what everyone should already know:

A new study published today shows how natural selection effects are stronger in groups with lower income and less education, among younger parents, people not living with a partner, and people with more lifetime sexual partners.

Meanwhile, natural selection is pushing against genes associated with high educational attainment, high earnings, a low risk of ADHD or major depressive disorder, and a low risk of coronary artery disease.

Our future is an Idiocracy.


10 thoughts on “Evidence of Idiocracy

  1. This was part of the infamous 1994 book The Bell Curve. Most attention/criticism was focused on the race coverage, but this subject was a larger section of the book.

  2. Great movie! But something always comes along and upsets the apple cart.
    Stupid people cannot breed uncontrolled to a large scale without some disaster.
    You only get to be a grasshopper for one summer. Then winter hits.
    And just like putting “Brawndo” on your fields. Shit don’t work no more. And you run out of crap to put on your hotdogs.
    There’s a reason native peoples were never found in large groups.
    And when people think milk comes from a store?
    It won’t be about breeding rates, it will be about survival rates. And that’s where smart people shine.
    The real problem is smart people have a tendency to overthink life. And what can be reasonably expected out of it.
    And how smart you are, has much to do with proper nutrition in your youth.
    A generation raised on Cheetios for breakfast is going to be nowhere as insightful as their corn-fed cousins.
    It’s been proven that malnutrition in youth is much of Africa problem today.
    I hope I’m wrong. But were about to find out the hard way about stupid, hungry people with AK’s.

  3. I haven’t watched Idiocracy but you get this current selection pressure in r type times of plenty, using r/K theory as very roughly applied to humans. From what I’ve heard about the movie, it improbably features those while the country or planet or whatever are run by idiots, instead of people starving.

    Change the ecological selection pressure to that favoring K type behavior and the traits selected for will change. High investment and low time preference, perhaps simply to have a higher chance of being well enough fed.

  4. Here we go again jumping to conclusions regarding cause and effect. Just because the ‘successful’ in society are not reproducing at the same rate does not mean that natural selection is the cause.

    For example, ‘successful’ people value things other than children and today many are even opting to have no children. Another factor is social programs to keep the ‘least successful’ supplied with adequate resources.

    It seems that researchers do not believe that correlation is not causation. They use complex analysis tools and to prove whatever they want to prove.

    • From Chris Langan, the smartest man in the world, we get this on the subject.
      LordVince: “it seems you are missing the fact that it’s not some kind of big brain adaptability for whites to reproduce below replacement. That does not even make sense in the context of the argument.”
      Chris Langan;
      You seem to be missing the point. This adaptation is instinctive, and it has much to do with responsibility and being able to plan ahead into the future. Whites automatically subject their circumstances to objective analysis and plan accordingly. Other races either don’t care – it’s all about personal gratification – or they look to miracles, or even more idiotically to their “great leaders”, to save them. Even worse, some apparently look to parasitism, sensing that if they just breed like roaches, they’ll eventually dominate, subjugate, and suck dry the demographic competition. Do you understand?
      This kind of swipe is nothing but tedious. Listen to me now: someone like you accusing someone like me of “missing facts” is an inversion of the natural order. From now on, when you think I “missed” something, slap yourself awake and ask yourself what you, Lord Vincenzo, are missing. That’s your elbow, not your ass.
      And that’s all I got to say about that.

      • I have heard this argument before. It is along the lines that northern peoples had to work hard just to survive, so they have evolved, or their culture evolved, to plan responsibility for the future. There is nothing like knowing that next winter is famine time and you better be the ant if you want to survive.

        Just think that those who prep. What drives them?

        Of course, it is also a radioactive argument these days since everyone deserves the same outcome.

        The problem that I see is that many in academia and in the bureaucracies have become overly dependent upon technology and its tools without really understanding the limits of their tools. They seem to think that their models are infallible and have few limits. In reality they are not scientists. They don’t question the results.

        • “Of course, it is also a radioactive argument these days since everyone deserves the same outcome”.
          Commie mommies have been preaching that one forever. And their about to get a lesson in reality.
          Sad, there’s no such thing as a “virtual meal”. It seems that’s what Bill and Klaus are going to be serving up to the masses soon.
          Like having “polk and grits” for dinner. As Pa used to say. Thats where you Polk your feet under the table. Grit your teeth. And wish you had something to eat.
          Beware the parasitism. Thats going to be as bad as the hunger.

          • It has been long time since I have heard the word polk. It was the first earable plant that we looked forward to every sping.

  5. Given the political beliefs that the ‘educated’ ‘elites’ are indoctrinated into, is this, necessarily, a bad thing?

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