Quote of the day—Kevin Sorbo @ksorbs

Politicians should be limited to two terms: 1 in office and 1 in prison.

Kevin Sorbo @ksorbs
Tweeted on June 20, 2022
[This merits serious consideration. In a few rare cases, after completing their term in office, the death penalty is probably too harsh.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kevin Sorbo @ksorbs

  1. This reminds me of H. Beam Piper’s wonderful novel “Lone Star Planet”.
    He’s one of the rare SF authors who can wrap powerful ideas into a wonderfully told story. (The others I can think of are Robert Heinlein, Neil Smith, and Rolf Nelson.)

    • Why talk about it when you can link to it?.

      “Lone Star Planet” is one of my favorite novellas. I probably read it twice a year, when I’m feeling particularly ungenerous to politicians.

  2. I have another proposal: restrict public bureaucracies to those currently incarcerated. Offer it as an option to get a little funding to their commissary account, maybe pay for a private cell, but mostly to make money for their restitution.

    – they are already in jail

    – if we make laws with the up-front assumption that they will be implemented by murderers, thieves, perverts, and con-men instead of finding out that was true all along after the fact, I think we’d be more careful with what powers we gave government.

    • I like the way you think, Tirno.

      After all, some of them might get out eventually.

  3. Politicians are a lot like communists in that manner. It’s not something you can readily beat out of them. It’s more that they just can’t help themselves to the cookie jar.
    To me, it’s society not being willing to do great bodily harm that is the real problem.
    When caught violating the public trust, we must make examples out of them. Speedily. Publicly. Ghastly. For all to see.
    It’s quite easy to see what happens when we don’t.
    We get a man-made pestilence injected into us for profit. At the same time our economy is being crushed. And were starting WWIII with the largest nuke arsenal in the world. That will end in the starvation of millions.
    I’m kind of understanding that mussy thing about whacking your hand off for stealing. It could even start a new expression. “Never do business with a one-handed banker.”
    I can’t see why it should be different for politicians.

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