Quote of the day—Michael Snyder

A historic economic nightmare is here, and the guy in the White House is all out of answers.

So buckle up and try to enjoy the ride.

The months ahead are going to be quite chaotic, and you probably don’t even want to think about what is coming after that.

Michael Snyder
June 2, 2022
Americans Will Never Forget The Historic Economic Collapse During Joe Biden’s Presidency
[I want an underground bunker in Idaho.—Joe]


16 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Michael Snyder

  1. A bunker would be good, I’m trying to be invisible, I live in America’s Carthage, aka California.

    • Lot had similar choices. Leave now and life will suck.
      Stay and you might end up running for your life and having drunk incest in some cave.
      Leave now you might find a cave with a view?
      It’s only going to get worse there.

      • Interesting. So is stay, go, or hide in plain sight the only options?

        [Joe, now that I think about it would be really good to have a discussion on this topic.]

  2. JoJo Brandon is burning it all down better for the fifth column known as the CPUSA or democrats.
    Real communism will be tried after that.

  3. Biden and company does not know or care:

    1) That for every unit of GDP there is a unit of energy

    2) What it takes to build a lasting infrastructure especially for green energy

    3) That green energy will require an infrastructure with an overcapacity of multiple factors to produce base load power

    4) That EVs are far from optimal as an all-purpose transportation solution

    5) That it is those deplorables that grow the food and then transport it using diesel

    6) That there is no practicable EV diesel replacement in sight for work that requires large HP and long hours of operation

    7) That it is the merit-based system promoted by Kenney and others that is responsible for achievements of the USA

    8) That families with a father, mother and children are necessary for survival of the species

    9) That law and order requires a collective understanding of acceptable moral codes

  4. Far to many coincidences to be Joe Biden’s collapse. Joe showing you his control card the other day. Pretty much tells us all we need to know about Joe and anyone else in the spotlights. Their puppets.
    Another communist genocide is what it is. Just the globalist version of some “five year plan”, some asshole dreamed up. Where mass-murder becomes just another bureaucratic function to somehow serve some nebulous ideal.
    And it looks like it’s our turn in the barrel.
    The real play in America is to pit us against ourselves. Not the government per se. Thus in all the hub-bub on national news. No one remembers millions of people being imported that can and will go tribal in a matter of minutes when the money/cards quit working.
    And Joe, I told you I would build you a bunker. But more important would be to turn brother Doug’s volunteer fire department into a community militia also.
    Community is the only way to survive and thrive in the years ahead.
    Our forefathers lived this way for thousands of years. We can also. Only better.
    With the tech we have, the knowledge base, removing government is a blessing.
    We have always been responsible for our own defense away. Government hasn’t, and never could protect us from a thing.
    And they have been a hindrance in the perfecting of society, just so they can maintain their profit margins.
    Is collapse bad? Certainly. But that is their call. And on them.
    Were Americans. And without them, We can truly, “Build Back Better.”
    Just let me know when you want to get started on that bunker Joe.

  5. Some of us have lived through this before. It won’t be pleasant, and it will show folks what they are really made of, and for some it won’t be pretty. But the stagflation of the late 70s gave way to the renaissance of the 80s. This could have the same effect, if we elect leaders smart enough.

    • As I recall, we got President Reagan only because Walter Mondale and Gary Hart both ran against him. It doesn’t seem that the voters learned anything from the previous 12 years.

  6. Mike V.
    As Karl Denninger pointed out, every quarter since ’73 of GDP growth has been proceeded by a corresponding growth in debt. It’s all fake. It’s all been managed.
    As Lucky Lucciano said after being shown how the stock market worked, and the “specialists” thereof. Proclaimed with lamentation that he had joined the wrong mob.
    Think of it this way. If your pulling a skim of say 20%, do you want 20% of a hundred dollars. Or 20% of a thousand dollars?
    And once your loaded with debt. What’s the easiest way to get rid of it?
    Inflation. If I owe a thousand dollars. And I make 10 dollars an hour. I’m having a hard time. Not so much if inflation drives my wages up to 50 dollars an hour.
    And when we get to the American version of Zimbabwe? I could pay of my million-dollar home loan with a cup of coffee. And have change.
    It’s all managed for fun and profit. Just not so much yours.

    • Your home loan will be revalued from the banks side, and there will be nothing you can do about it.

      • Are not loans commerical contracts? So unless that was allowed in the contract they could be sued for breach of contract if they revalued the loan. Or is that part of the contract these days in fine print?

        • The GM and Chrysler bond holders had the law on their side back in 2009 as well. Didn’t matter. They got screwed and the unions got a windfall.

      • Oh that would be halariuos. If banks just started revalueing loans over inflation. I’m thinking you wouldn’t have a bank long.
        I asked a real estate guy once about the MERS trading of titles and how come the counties recorder isn’t hammering them for all the fees the rest of us have to pay?
        His reply was that it was written in the contract that they could do that.
        My reply was oh ya, some lawyer scribbling crap on a peice of paper sure makes it all legal, right?
        So the banks going to come back and tell everybody that since inflation went up 100%. Their just going to up the amount you owe 100% also? Cause it sez so in this peice of paper? Talk about bank robbery!
        And how is that going to work in the dirivatives market?
        I’m pretty sure Goldman-sachs would have something to say to Chase bank about that.
        Not sure how that would all shake out. But it would be entertaining to watch.

  7. None of this is “accidental”. The ongoing collapse of our economy has been carefully planned and scripted by the commie left. They have four guaranteed years with Pedo Joe in office to rubberstamp all the EO’s, rules and edicts required to gut the economy completely. And that is EXACTLY what they intend to do. There will be NOTHING LEFT of America when they are through…and it’s all by design.

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