Quote of the day—Floyd Neeland

The only reason ten blacks murdered in Buffalo are getting so much news coverage is because that supports the false government narrative that white people pose the top threat to America, and guns are evil.

In 2019, nearly 8,000 black people were murdered.* News media failed to cover it or bring the point home. Few arrests, few trials, murderers roamed free amidst newslessness. The following year black murders increased, and again little or no coverage. But now, the so-called “news” media harps on one teenage psychopath who made advanced threats, posted his intentions, never got treatment, and media uses the tragedy to falsely claim whites are part of a scheme. Whites are more racist than blacks or other clinging ethnic groups, they say, guns are evil, while ignoring the real dead stacked in a corner like firewood.

Floyd Neeland
May 20, 2022
9,941 Black People Murdered in 2020*
Saturation coverage of 10 dead in Buffalo is misdirection
Here is hard proof that Black Lives Don’t Matter

[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Floyd Neeland

  1. What else should we expect from communist narrative manipulation network?
    The only real question is how much dumber can it get? It’s kind of amazing, watching them plumb new lows on a daily basis. And straight faced while doing it!

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