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well, for many, it seems their guns are their penis extensions/subsitute, making up for their massive insecurities. So when you make a joke, or threaten to take it away, they feel rather threatened. You are threatening to CASTRATE them Sister Mary. And that makes them cry.

johnrevill7 @johnrevill7
Tweeted on April 4, 2022
[It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

Childish insults are no match for SCOTUS decisions.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—johnrevill7 @johnrevill7

  1. Probably another commie-lib who worships at the Alter of Covidiacy as well

  2. Good thing he has opposable thumbs. Cuz when the useful idiot prize patrol comes to his neighborhood. He going to be left jerking off.
    That is, if he doesn’t get drafted and sent to Ukraine as cannon fodder.
    Thanks Joe. One might never understand how many deluded minions satan actually has in this world, without you showing them to us. Truly amazing!

  3. sigh

    Do you ever wish that you had a better opposition?

    Imagine prepping a car for drag racing, tuning this, adjusting that, banging very hard on the other, and as you line up on the starting line in a fire-resistant suit and your engine thrumming at idle, you look over at your competition and it’s a Geo Metro with a big honking spoiler, “TURBO” written down the side in glittering 12″ letters, and the pasty driver with green hair is making obscene gestures and yelling something that is drowned out by the mumble rap blasting from the sound system.

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