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“Woke” is commie speak for “Communist But Scared To Say So After What We Did In The Twentieth Century”.

Alice Smith @TheAliceSmith
Tweeted on April 27, 2022
[It is a little more nuanced than that but it is close enough.

These are people that crave power and control. They find rationalizations to exercise control and gain power over everyone they can. “Racism”, “sexism”, “inequality”, “racial justice”, “climate justice”, “algorithmic justice”*, ad nauseum, are just the levers that mostly work in our current society.

And it is a thrill; it’s a high to them. There is no amount of power that will satiate their lust. They will crank the ratchet another click at every opportunity. This is why so many socialist and communist movements result in genocide.

Respond appropriately.—Joe]

* Via email from pkoning and various sources on twitter. See also:


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alice Smith @TheAliceSmith

  1. “Woke” is commie speak for “Communist But Scared To Say So After What We Did In The Twentieth Century”.
    Hey! we needed an omelet, right? So some eggs got broke.
    And don’t you know, it wasn’t being done right back then. We’ll get it right this time!
    I’m pretty sure half of the communists in this country couldn’t tell you what communism is. They just do what the brainwashing tells them should feel good. So it does.
    Right up till it don’t work no more.
    That’s when the real communists start getting rid of the dumb communists.
    Like Putin and Xi are about to do to us.
    What we didn’t leave in Iraq and Astan. Is now being shipped to Ukstan. And will leave us with what to fight back with?
    The commies got no clue what’s coming. Same as most Americans.

  2. Smith is pretty much correct, of course.

    Where practically all of conservatism fails, and fails utterly and miserably, is in getting bogged down in the mud, refuting and correcting what are the intentionally absurd and ridiculous assertions of the (Romish) left. If we’re not busy trying to “set straight” what they themselves already knew was BS before they said it, we are busy being exasperated and making one another angry over their intentionally absurd and ridiculous assertions. And so we’re perpetually stuck. And perpetually losing ground.

    Thus the (Romish) left almost always has us right where they want us; reacting to them, and being frustrated over the fact that they’re in charge. By our own behavior we’ve put them in charge. Every elementary schoolyard bully understands this— So long as his victims are reacting to him, he is in charge. He is the master, and he’ll play it for all it’s worth, until he is corrected by an outside power.

    Probably our biggest hurdle to overcome is that we refuse to believe that what we face is a very clever and careful yet unmitigated evil, based in pride, fear, envy, covetousness and hatred. How many times have you heard it in your lifetime; “We all want the same things. We only disagree on how to achieve them.” WRONG, WRONG, ALWAYS AND FOREVER WRONG! In entertaining such an outrageous lie for many generations, in failing to understand that we were dealing with a deadly enemy all along, we have put ourselves far behind the curve, placing ourselves under the control of the enemy, and we will never recover.

    ”Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”. John 8:44

    In this interview with Douglas Murray, Jordan Peterson eventually gets ‘round to the same point;
    “As far as I can tell, from delving into it..the end goal of the spirit of Cain is hell.”
    Although it took two hours of “beating around the bush” and “dancing around the Maypole” to get there. So, once you’ve realized that simple fact, the very next realization should be that there’s no point whatsoever in engaging the (Romish) left in an argument. You’ll only end up (foolishly) trying to prove to the fascist that you’re not the fascist that the fascist falsely accused you of being, or something equally idiotic and pointless.

    The only way to begin to understand it therefore, is to understand the Biblical narrative. And in our time, that means we must for proper context understand the Protestant Reformation, and thus the counter-Reformation which rages on with unmitigated deviousness and savagery even now;

    But conservatism, and even (and perhaps especially) the so-called Christian conservatives, avoid that subject like the plague. They’ll occasionally mention the Enlightenment, from which they’ll say the “free west” was born, but they never talk about the Protestant Reformation which paved the way for all of it, nor will they mention the evil power of the Dark Ages, which was wounded almost to death in 1798, and has been healed, and is reconsolidating its power, preparing for a New World Order under its rule.

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