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The indictment:


There are at several ways to interpret this:

  1. The anti-gun people want you disarmed so they can more easily kill you (evil).
  2. The anti-gun people think you are just as murderous as they are (projection).
  3. The anti-gun people want more “gun violence” to justify their agenda (false-flag).
  4. Two or more of the above.

Prepare and respond appropriately.


3 thoughts on “Projection/Evil/False-Flag

  1. I believe BLM posted the shooter’s $100,000.00 cash bail.
    How that equates to saving young black lives has yet to be explained.

    • Remember that BLM is an explicitly Marxist organization. For them to support would-be murderers is entirely within the long-standing traditions of communism. As I said before, the three pillars of communism are lying, stealing, and murdering.

  2. In other news, a man was charged for “interfering with a federally protected right”.

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