Quote of the day—Gina Bontempo @FlorioGina

Living in the third world country of San Francisco was actually my first red pill. The veil was pulled back even more when I started working in a digital media newsroom. Then the avalanche really started when I watched one of Trump’s speeches unedited—I knew I was being lied to.

Gina Bontempo @FlorioGina
Tweeted on April 6, 2022
[The legacy media is a bunch of liars.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Gina Bontempo @FlorioGina

  1. That’s funny. Hearing of someone who has woke-up from being brainwashed at Harvard is hilarious. Everywhere she looks. She will see the bullshit. Kind of like putting on the glasses in, “They live”.
    Just like me, once I quit being a drunken, drug addict. I can’t stand them anymore. And I won’t tolerate their rudeness.
    Gina is in for a rough row. But it’s a much more fulfilling life ahead for her.
    LML ,(legacy media liars), is a good handle for them. But CPC,(Communist media corps.), suits their attitude a little better.
    Interesting tactic on the part of the commies. Education camps now, rather than re-education camps later. Kind of puts the matter of schools in perspective.
    No matter, Good on you Gina!

  2. I read the tweeter thread and it has many good points in it. She says her eyes were opened when she watched an unedited speech by Trump.

    She was then attacked because only Nazi’s have rallies and listening to a Trump speech in person makes you…

    Another person claimed that they had listened to an unedited Trump speech but it was completely full of hate against others.

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