Quote of the day—Alice Smith @TheAliceSmith

The Left are suspicious of the government on defence and law & order.

The Right are suspicious of the government on welfare and education.

Both are correct.

Alice Smith @TheAliceSmith
Tweeted on March 22, 2022
[I agree and go further. I am suspicious of government on all things.

The profile of Ms. Smith on Twitter may be of interest to some:

Who is Alice Smith? The great-great-great-granddaughter of Adam Smith. Follow me on my adventures down the capitalist rabbit hole! 2+2=4

I presume this is the Adam Smith who wrote The Wealth of Nations. This book had a big influence on me.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alice Smith @TheAliceSmith

  1. I have to read that one of these years. Meanwhile, may I recommend Human Action?

  2. The communist left isn’t suspicious about law enforcement and defense. That’s just what they say, so they can co-op them and use them against us.
    They have no problem using law enforcement or any defense department against anyone they consider enemies.
    As for the right. Since when? 90% of politicians refuse to defund education. And still think government is the answer to all our problems.
    And why would I be suspicious of something that has proven itself a failure a1,000 different times in the last 6,000 years?
    We F–KING KNOW they’re criminals. We F–KING KNOW their wrong. And we F–CKING KNOW it’s all being used for money, power, and control.
    Most of them should have been tried, publicly hung, and forgotten by now.
    If someone is still stuck in suspicion? Holy crap! How much more evidence do you need?
    As some doped out hippie sang years ago; “And we never fail to fail, it was the easiest thing to do!”
    So were all supposed to be suspicious about what happens when you keep poking a bear with a stick? Especially one with nuclear weapons?
    Or do you F–CKING KNOW what happens?
    We need to quit trying to have conversions with people that only want to kill you, and destroy all that is good and holy. And treat everyone that doesn’t understand that as being to ignorant to ever get it.
    Suspicious my ass.

    • We can no more negotiate successfully with the regimes that wish us death than the chickens can negotiate with Colonel Sanders.

  3. Over the last five years, I have become suspicious of the government’s ability to operate effectively even the delegated enumerated powers set forth in the Constitution. I suppose this is the end stage for me, coming from an egalitarian liberal position before and during and before the Reagan administration, and meeting an editor from REASON magazine in 1989. Free Minds, Free Markets. Neither seems so free now.

    • As any thinking chicken will tell you. Cluck, cluck. Your in that gage for a reason, buddy. Bacock!

  4. An old quote….. We have two parties in America. The evil party and the stupid party. Occasionally they get together and do something that is both evil and stupid. This is called bipartisanship.

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