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Many things are a crime, but people still commit those crimes unless appropriate deterrents are in place. These guns are easily purchased by people with a vendetta. And again…there are MANY many ways to ‘prove’ your ‘manhood’ (lol in your case) without an assault rifle.

Ellen Spencer 1 @ellenspencer03
Tweeted on March 4, 2022
[It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

When they have no data and/or logic they go with the best they have—childish insults.—Joe]


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  1. The guns are the ‘deterrents in place’, darling.

    But I’m confused. You say that “guns are easily purchased by people with a vendetta”… suggesting that you think people with guns are dangerous. But then you brush off men with guns as “proving their manhood” (with a “lol”, no less).

    Make up your mind, please. Are men with guns “people with a vendetta”, or are they lol-worthy?

    You might also want to look up what an assault rifle is.

    • Daniel, I’m fairly certain that you aren’t the confused one.

      Last time I purchased a gun there was no checkbox on the 4473 for “Are you on a vendetta?” where a “No” check would disqualify you from purchase.

  2. So…are there no deterrents for armed robbery, aggravated assault, or murder? If that were the case, then which political ideology would’ve been the one to see to it? We’ve been told for years now, by the anti-gun authoritarians, that it’s somehow “racist” to enforce laws, and so it begs the question: Would it be equally “racist” to enforce anti-gun laws?

    The point is, no matter the rationalizations, the time or the place in this world, that if you’re anti 2A then you are pro crime. The point is that if you’re anti-2A you were never concerned about protecting society from criminals, because you are criminals. The point is that you’ve always wanted to protect society from the honest, productive, law-abiding and principled among us because they pose the greatest threat to your anti-libertarian, coercive and confiscatory, Romish ideology. And so, when you think of deterrents you don’t think at all of deterring crime. Common criminals don’t bother you. You love them. You’ve set up bail-out funds for them, to encourage them. Instead you think of deterring anyone who opposes the glorious, world-wide criminal redistributionist enterprise which you worship as an idol.

    The singular, common and consistent thread which runs through all of the apparent hypocrisy, inconsistency, illogic, stupidity, childish insults, contradiction, and feigned insanity of the left is this: opposition to Judaeo-Christian (correctly read, “Protestant”) Civilization. They’re 100% consistent. This should be obvious, but it will become increasingly obvious in the coming years. Therefore as I see it, both “sides” in the conflict, both “sides” in the dialectic you’re promoting here on this blog, which is much the same dialectic being promoted in mass media, are now, or will be, on the same side. You may think it’s right v. left, or Marxist/fascist verses libertarian, or “smart” verses “dumb”, but in fact and fundamentally it’s Christ verses anti-Christ. The real thing verses the counterfeits who seek to stand in the place of the real thing. But how would you know the difference?

    Therefore as the world moves forward with its evil agenda, it will at some point cease to be at all clear to you who your friends and enemies are unless you understand that the false dialectics and counterfeits are a critical part of the enemy’s strategic and tactical toolbox.

  3. Ellen, Have you ever been wrong? What if your wrong now?
    Then there are men with big guns, big full magazines, and big dicks. And you have insulted their manhood. They might even go as far as a vendetta against you.
    But don’t worry. We know your just stupid.

  4. Scratches head
    so…. a woman with an AR-15 is trying to “prove her manhood” according to you…..
    I, uh, think you might be more than a little confused.

    • Unless it’s a trangender woman trying to prove their manhood. Ellen might be OK with that. Cause they would be trying to compensate for a penis they never had? Even though they could just strap on whatever size they want. Kind of like we do pistols?
      Damn, now I’m confused.

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