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With violent crime increasing over the last two years, Americans want a solution. But President Joe Biden constantly frames violent crime as only a gun problem. Again, it was the sole focus of Biden’s speech in New York City on Thursday. Even when he mentions police or prosecutors, it was in terms of enforcing gun control laws.

But this “guns first” approach ignores a basic fact – over 92% of violent crimes in America do not involve firearms. And while Biden blames guns for the increase in violent crime, the latest data show that gun crimes fell dramatically.

John R. Lott
February 4, 2022
Biden’s ‘guns first’ approach to violent crime ignores basic facts
[I’m reminded of the television news several decades ago. When they would report on crime an symbol of a handgun would appear in the corner of the screen during the crime report. It didn’t matter if was burglary, a stabbing, or shoplifting and no gun was involved. They were attempting to make guns synonymous with crime.

The democrats defund the police, fail to prosecute criminals, and then tell us they are going to increase restrictions on firearms. This isn’t stupidity or ignorance. This is evil. As I have said before, this the communist way.

Prepare appropriately.—Joe]


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  1. Sadly, this is not a new phenomena. My first job in the late 80s was working for the Atlanta Journal and Constitution as a copy boy (a glorified go-for) as I was studying journalism at the time. One day I was given a piece of art and the story to send down to the compositing group (what we now call Publisher or any number of simple programs, but back then it was people manually assembling each page of the paper to be duplicated by the printer.) The story was of a child in the city somewhere who found a hand gun that had been used in a murder.

    The art was of a massive Colt Python, nickle plated, probably chambered in .50 BMG from the size of it, the kind of thing Dirty Harry would have lusted over in the gun shop. But reading the story, I found the pistol was in fact a little Jennings .25 auto. Being wonderfully naive at the time, I went back to the city desk editor and informed him there was a mistake with the art.

    I’m not sure I can adequately describe the look of smug, condescension I received as he just stared at me, but being young and foolish, I pressed on. I informed the editor about the pistol that was found, how it was a tiny thing and nothing like this graphic. With all the airs of someone explaining the obvious to a mental defective, he declared, “Of course, but this looks more scary so it will engage readers.”

    I stared at him for a moment, then replied, “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought we told the truth here.” As you can guess, I didn’t last long at that job, or that career even. Oh well.

  2. “Biden’s “guns first” approach to violent crime ignores basic facts.”
    Isn’t that what communists are best known for? Ignoring facts?
    One of those facts is that a very large, well-armed portion of this country knows their government is little more than a communist insurgence. And that Biden is a senile meat puppet at best.
    And almost everyone knows deep down it ain’t going to end well.
    Not after ignoring the facts of a stolen election.
    One can smell the fear in the chattering class over the internet. It’s so bad.
    Listen to the pitch in their voices as they lie.
    Their a bad joke and even they know it.
    Wait till they find out their the sacrifice at the Bohemian club!

  3. Facts have literally nothing to do with it.
    The world doesn’t work the way we are told in school.

    For those who don’t know him, Vox Day (his pen name) is an ex-pat partially Native American from Minnesota living in Italy.

    The article he links to is https://www.overcomingbias.com/2020/11/what-makes-prestige.html

    Our “elites” are not selected from brains. just for how well they can play the court games and be manipulated by the powers behind the throne. When you realize that, a lot of stuff makes more sense.

    • This is nothing new. ‘Noble lineage’ is a sham, no matter if the title is ‘Senator’ or ‘Duke’.

  4. Control the language, control the society. Thus the never ending use of the
    insane phrase “gun crime”. Harp on it loudly and incessantly and the feeble
    minded will automatically visualize a gun every time they think of a crime.

  5. The massive surge on new gun owners has opened a lot of eyes, but they keep trying.

    Here in DE, the are pushing for a purchase permit and a 17 rd restriction as a way to decrease the crime in Wilmington. Crime that is caused by their policies and fellow travelers.

    We need to stop reflecting the people who caused the problems to fix them. Unfortunately, in long time D run cities they have been so long with out sanity that they don’t and can’t see any different.

  6. ”…this is the communists way.”

    Yup, or to be more specific, this is the way of communism’s parent mindset*. And they’re flaunting it in our faces. I suspect that nearly everyone, at some level, knows that “gun control” laws are not and never have been about crime control per se.

    Leftists love and admire criminals, including mass-murdering communist and fascist dictators. They always have. Being now, always and forever advocates of wholesale coercion, leftists are criminals, and criminals-at-heart. Therefore, of course, they want the law-abiding disarmed, same as they want the conservative Christian silenced.

    We are an existential threat to everything they hold most dear, namely their lies, upon which their entire, glorious and fantastic civilization-to-be is founded. We cannot be tolerated. We MUST NOT be tolerated.

    Therefore when they suggest that armed, law-abiding citizens are a threat to society, we all need to understand exactly what that means. It means that we are a threat to their society, meaning their criminal hierarchy and their global, criminal network. Naturally they want us disarmed, and naturally they will never stop trying. They must not stop trying. They cannot stop trying.

    * which has many children.

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