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The “you” was generic. If anyone thinks they need a gun for ordinary daily living then that’s the very definition of paranoia. You’re wrong, I don’t want to ban a specific type of rifle, I want all guns banned for the general public. Fewer guns, fewer gun incidents. Simple logic

Pigdowndog @Pigdowndog
Tweeted on October 10, 2021
[Simple logic for simple minds. Logic only gives you correct results if you have the appropriate data.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. I like being paranoid, It’s the one condition all my other schizophrenic personalities can agree on.
    Nothing wrong with paranoia. When there’s communists about. And when they feel comfortable enough to stand before god and the world and say; “3.5 trillion won’t cost anything.”
    Could all the horrors of past communist regimes be just as easily passed off in our country?
    If Misters Hogg-n Dog think me packing a gun around is a problem in the face of all that’s going on? Their really not going to like having people with guns telling them what to do. Like, “Yes, yes, now please face wall.” Or. “You might be correct, move up ramp to cattle car, please.”
    It appears that with the vaccine mandate. The communists are killing off the useful idiots already. So, can the rest be far behind?

    • Paranoia at its finest!
      I’ve probably seen far more of your country than you have and in all my travels have never felt the need of a gun.
      I’ve been met with friendliness, kindness and warmth from everyone but never hostility.
      Why are you so suspicious of your fellow citizens/government?
      Why are you defending the idiotic 2A that allows on average 30,000 to be killed every year by guns that can be bought as easily as a pound of sugar.
      A country that has to have “active shooter drill” in schools has a very serious problem.

    • Hey Doggy. Did you really just write that truck load of crap with a straight face?
      SJW always lie, project, and double down. And you hit all three inside of 50 words!

  2. Either they do not understand what would happen if the government tried to take Americans guns or they do and view murdering millions of Americans as a positive thing.

    Considering they literally hate everyone not them and want everyone not them dead and actually view the deployment of nuclear weapons to achieve that goal as an acceptable course of action I think it is the latter.

      • To the left the complete and total mandated extermination of every single solitary gun owner, every single solitary person that lives with that gun owner that opposes there family members being killed at the hands of the state along with the mandated complete and total literal extermination of the entire United States population that oppose that along with whomever is left that opposes the government mandated extermination of every gun owner and non gun owner even if it means the literal complete and total extermination of literally ever single sokitarr United States citizen states citizen, literally every single human being in the United States except themselves and illegals. To them that is an acceptable course of action to take to bring about utopia.

        One has to understand the left and the democrat party RIGHT NOW only wants one thing: the literal complete and total extermination of the entire United States population that opposes or resist them or is not them in any way shape or form up to and including the literal killing off of every human being in the United States except for themselves and illegals. What they desire Is to have the United States population literally replaced by illegal immigrants and the killing off of the entire population of the United States to make room.

  3. Of course the criminals, by definition, will always be armed even if it’s illegal (criminals break the laws, you know), and so we’re only talking about whether the law-abiding may be armed as well.

    “If anyone thinks they need a gun for ordinary daily living then that’s the very definition of paranoia.”

    Each year, millions of people have to defend themselves against violent attacks. Aks them if they’d rather have been disarmed beforehand.

    Here is just one YouTube channel, showing hundreds upon hundreds of actual violent encounters recorded on security cameras and police badge cams. They post a new one every day;

    Take away all of those defenders’ guns and how many of them would you be, essentially, murdering by way of taking away their best means of defense and thereby violating their constitutionally enumerated right to keep and bear arms? And how much would be encouraging violent criminals by handing over to them a disarmed population to prey upon?

    But none of these kinds of cause and effect arguments even address the issue of who your life, or my life, belongs to. Are we all property of the government, or are we individuals possessing a God-given right to live our own lives? Is government our servant or our master? De we have individual freedom of conscience or are we essentially cattle being raised by some superior beings in government? Who has the right to tell me whether I may possess a weapon for any reason, and what higher power gave them that right? And, once such a right to tell others what to do, what not to do, and what to posses and what not to posses, is presumed by a mere mortal, what as-yet unheard of person or group of persons will never abuse such power?

    Does anyone in power within government ever lie, or manipulate others for their own personal benefit, or scheme behind the scenes to benefit themselves and their cronies, or otherwise abuse power? Hmm? And so you want them to have a legal monopoly on the use of deadly force? What does history tell us about such powerful governments? Hmm? Or does the history of the world, in and of itself, constitute “paranoia”? So, Pigdowndog, by “Paranoia” it looks as though you really mean “reality”?

    Also, no, I don’t need a gun for “every day living” because violent attacks don’t happen to me every day. They do happen to other people every day though. Lots of them. When my sister was murdered in her own home by a home invader, she only needed a gun that one particular day. But she lived in California where gun owners are stigmatized, and so she didn’t have one, and so she was stabbed to death and her three year old daughter was strangled to death using a shoestring.

    If there had been a “gun incident” that day, then my sister and her daughter would have lived and the perp would have been shot. But instead there was a knife and shoestring incident and a young mother and her daughter died.

    Some people want to protect and encourage such criminals by making sure their victims are all disarmed. NO ONE, of any title, position or station, has a moral right to do that!

    • I am really sorry that you lost your sister and niece in such a cruel way. You can bet that Mr. Pigdowndog (not sure I even want to know where that moniker comes from) has never had such violence disrupt his life. There just has to be something between his and other liberals ears that has become totally nonfunctional. I cannot conceive of anyone believing they are rational when they reject another person’s right to self defense unless they suffer from some form of mental impairment. Well, either that or they are simply evil and wish harm on otherwise innocent people.

    • That is a sad story. Unfortunately, it is not unusual.
      Another incident vaguely like it that, through simple good luck, ended better is described very well by Robert Avrech in his essay “Jew without a gun”. We should all read it and heed it.
      The best summary of Mr. Pig’s position is this one: “Victim disarmament types are sick, sick people, who’d rather see a woman raped in an alley and strangled with her own pantyhose than see her with a gun in her hand.” — T. D. Melrose, quoted by Neil Smith

  4. Hello gun fondlers.
    Pigdowndog here.
    I’m very grateful for Joe posting my tweet as it has confirmed my point about paranoia.
    I’m so happy to live in a place where guns are controlled (mostly) and the statistics of gun related incidents aren’t in the same stratosphere as yours.

    • I live in NH. The nightly news from Boston MA reports shootings and stabbings nightly in Boston, a hard core gun control area. Meanwhile, in the Constitutional Carry state of NH we’re safe, with murders known but quite rare.

  5. Pig down dog:

    Travel to downtown Chicago lately?
    How about San Francisco where Walgreens has shuttered five locations because stealing less than $1,000 dollars is not a crime that the ‘enlightened’ Chesa Boudin-The corrupt DA, thinks ought to be punished.

    Did you visit Minneapolis during the rioting to promote St. George’s day?

    How was your trip to downtown Portland?

    Are you banking on the police to protect you? They are being marginalized and forced into a position that they don’t have the support of politicians. That’s going to end well.

    Have you dared attend a lecture by anyone with a viewpoint other than your own?

    Of course not, because you only want to disarm your enemies to protect them. Right?

    • Your response just reeks of paranoia!
      Why are you quoting just the seedy side of life?
      The vast majority of life goes on without incident.
      There’s always going to be crime and criminals but the answer isn’t an armed society.
      We have criminals where I live but we don’t feel the need of a gun, even our police aren’t routinely armed, consequently criminals have no need to arm themselves either (mostly) as they don’t run the risk of being shot.
      For goodness sake stop looking over your shoulder for perceived attackers and enjoy life.

      • Oh, ok, so you’re not an American. Now we understand.

        The fact that criminals are unarmed doesn’t make them harmless. It’s easy for a strong young male to kill a victim with just fists, or simply by knocking the victim down head first onto a hard pavement. Insisting on victim disarmament simply amounts to insisting that the weak and old and female must be at the mercy of the strong and young and male. That’s ableist, sexist, ageist nonsense.

        • See pkoning. Ms. Piggy is a brainwashed commie SJW, thinking his gamma-tude about paranoia is the last word in the matter.
          It’s sad how logic and facts no longer have an effect.
          Best to say, run along little piggy. Go get vaccinated. And try doubling-down on that. Please.
          Calling us paranoid would only work if we hadn’t already considered the source.

  6. Pig down dog:
    “Why are you quoting just the seedy side of life?”

    Maybe because millions of my fellow Americans live this life every day. I have the privilege of living where I want(What a middle class salary dictates anyway).

    “For goodness sake stop looking over your shoulder for perceived attackers and just enjoy life.”

    ‘For goodness sake stop looking over your shoulder for law abiding, armed people you see as perceived attackers and just enjoy life.’

    I’m willing to let you live in peace, yet, will will not allow me the same.

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