Quote of the day—Memorandum of Understanding

The ability of law enforcement agencies to share crime gun data across state lines will assist in their efforts to detect and deter gun crime, to investigate gun crime, and to identify and apprehend straw purchasers, suspect dealers, firearms traffickers, and other criminals.

Memorandum of Understanding
October 7, 2021
[See also here.

Heavy sigh. There is so much fail (presuming good intention of the document writers) in this document. In just the short quote above it presumes several facts not in evidence:

  1. It presumes crime is a gun problem rather than a people problem. As Col. Jeff Cooper (IIRC) pointed out if you could eliminate all the guns you would still have a crime problem. If you locked up all the criminals you wouldn’t have a gun problem.
  2. It presumes some sort of magic happens when sharing data beyond criminal investigations (which is already possible without this MOU).
  3. It seems to presume there is some sort of advantage for criminal gangs to bring guns from out of state to sell in the individual states. But how can there be an advantage for a criminal in New York to obtain a gun from New Jersey and simultaneously there be an advantage for the criminal in New Jersey to obtain a gun from New York? Once the criminal commits a violent crime with (or without) a gun in either state they can be prosecuted for that crime regardless of where they obtained the gun.

But the presumption of good intentions is not justified.

One has to conclude, once again, that this isn’t about crime. It’s about demonizing gun ownership and terrorizing gun owners. If a gun is stolen from an innocent person this may assist the political criminals in the respective states to harass the victim of the property theft. They can and almost certainly will, be accused of selling the gun to criminals. I’ve known people who have had a dozen or more guns stolen. If a half dozen or more guns sold to a single person show up at crime scenes then law enforcement from these states are likely to be to making a very unpleasant visit to the innocent gun owner.

It’s clear these politicians view innocent gunowners as their enemy and it takes little imagination to believe they view the real criminals as their allies in their war against private gun ownership.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Memorandum of Understanding

    • Ya, I kind of gave up on the whole thing when they refused to use the RICO act on the Crips, Bloods, and cartels.
      Because the truth be known. We are the only threat to a communist world order. Real thugs aren’t a threat. Honest hard working people are.

  1. It’s all about chilling the exercise of a constitutionally enumerated right. Nothing else. As such, the perpetrators of this MOU, and all who support, encourage, aid or abet them, should be prosecuted for conspiracy under 18 USC 241, and also for Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, 18 USC 242.

    One could readily make the case also that they are aiding and abetting criminals by reinforcing their monopoly on the use of deadly weapons, thus further endangering the public. Clearly, one who tries his best to obey all “gun control” laws will have a much harder time acquiring, keeping, and training in the use of effective weapons, whereas a person willing to break the law will have a relatively easy time acquiring them.

    As I’ve said many times before, the political power seekers and would-be wealth redistributors are FAR more worried about the moral, sane, discerning, principled, strong and productive, confident, property-owning, law abiding citizen. Such a solid and faithful citizen represents the greatest threat to their megalomaniacal, kleptocratic system, whereas they’re not worried at all about the common criminals, with whom they share a lot of their mindset and character and upon whom they depend for help in destabilizing and ultimately erradicating any Decalogue-based, libertarian society.

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