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The tyranny of BATFE must end. It’s corrupt purpose is self-evident: You would never consider leading the Aviation Administration with people afraid to fly—you pick pilots, aircraft designers, industry leaders, so the industry can flourish. By proposing an agency head who hates the industry under its thumb, it’s obvious what feds seek—not protection of our property and rights.

By trying to put people in charge who detest America’s 120 million gun owners, the federal government shows its disdain for the Bill of Rights. Can you imagine if this industry that supplies us with arms and keeps us all safe had people in government they could trust? No? Of course not, all the more reason to scrap this unconstitutional gang of criminals. We do not need hostile anti-rights partisans associated with the ungun cabal like the Bradys, Giffords, Bloomberg astroturf Moms. That’s like asking landlubbers to be lifeguards.

September 24, 2021
[It is a rhetorical question. Of course everyone knows what the logic is.

This latest insult of nominating David Chipman as the head of the ATF should go in the evidence file to be used at their trials.—Joe]


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  1. “You would never consider leading the Aviation Administration with people afraid to fly—you pick pilots, aircraft designers, industry leaders, so the industry can flourish.”

    You’d think, but you’d be wrong. Pilots like myself refer to the FAA as “Folks Against Aviation” because they do nothing but make it harder for us. And it’s definitely not led by people who’ve ever spent significant time in a cockpit or give a rat’s ass about making the industry “flourish.” They’re purely in it for risk management and the advancement of their own careers, nothing else.

    So putting forward Chipman was in no way out of character for the bureaucracy. It’s what bureaucracies do. Hence the need for small government.

    • For government in general, there’s no power in saying yes. Only no.
      Saying yes gives up control.
      After that comes justifying your position by making yourself seem more important than you are. I guess one could call it mission creep?
      Pouring concrete around micro-managing moron’s was bad enough.
      I can’t even imagine flying a plane around them.

      • Taking from the 2A community rhetoric, the entire government needs to move to a “Constitutional [action]” basis, and only to strictly constrained “shall issue” basis where unavoidable for ordered liberty.

        This “may issue” nonsense is anti-American garbage.

        • “There’s nothing in the constitution that says the Federal government has got anything to do with most of the stuff that we do.” — James Clyburn (D-SC)

          He’s right. “Most” is, at a conservative estimate, 98% or so. For starters, half the cabinet departments and, by definition, every so-called “independent agency”.

  2. I wouldn’t have focused on the people within the Bureau. It’s a side issue. Instead I’d focus on the very notion of having the Bureau. There can be no place for any organization or institution, within or without government, whose specific purpose is to chill the exercise of a constitutionally enumerated right.

    I don’t care who they put in charge of it because the over-riding issue is that it should never have been allowed to exist in the first place. And so the nature of the quote is something akin to arguing over the selection of your executioner rather than the fact that you’re being executed.

  3. Be careful what you wish for. The likely successor (FBI) is worse. Get rid of the laws they enforce first.

    • Ah, you sound like Mike Vanderboegh. He was always worried as hell about abolishing the ATF because the duties might devolve to the FBI, and he thought they were much more dangerous and competent.

      Make no mistake, I liked and respected Dutchman as well. But I really wish he’d lived to see the dark comedy of errors shown by the fibbies over the last couple years.

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