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You want to be a protective spouse, a concerned parent, a good citizen, a patriotic American? Save your family and your community from danger by getting rid of your weapons, and especially your handguns. Don’t wait for the law. Do it yourself; do it now. Do it because you just bought your first home, do it because you just got married, do it because you just had the baby you cherish more than anything in this world. The gun you trust against your fears is itself the thing you should fear. The gun is a lie.

As more Americans recognize the lie, they may notice a powerful new possibility. Once emancipated from the false myth of the home-protecting gun, they will find it easier to write laws and adopt policies to stop the criminals and zealots who carry guns into the streets. Win enough elections, and the federal courts will retreat from their sudden gun advocacy—and return to their historic deference to state regulation of firearms.

David Frum
September 1, 2021
How to Persuade Americans to Give Up Their Guns
[Frum needs to review the 2nd Amendment and the Heller decision.

Then he needs to read some books on the risk of not owning firearms and the ethics of restricting firearms ownership. I would like to suggest:

Then, if he is still in the persuasive mood, I’d be glad to introduce him to the power of the word “No.” backed up by 100 million determined gun owners with their own means of persuasion.—Joe]


18 thoughts on “Quote of the day—David Frum

  1. That’s nice of you Joe. Trying to have an informed debate over the facts…….With a commie zombie.
    They don’t want facts. They don’t want reason. They don’t want rational society. They want to eat your brains. And the brains of everyone around us.
    But thanks for pointing out how clueless and desperate their arguments are getting!

    • I find it interesting that Frum considers himself a conservative. Or at least he claims that. I don’t care to dig into it deep enough to confirm or refute the hypothesis he is better described as “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. That he wishes to disarm the general population is more than sufficient evidence to reliably conclude he is evil.

      • I might consider myself Katerina, Czarina of all Russia’s to…
        But after the article you linked to. He’s a brain dead commie.
        Or maybe he really is conservative. In DC.

      • Some “conservatives” _believed_ the leftists when they claimed that conservatives are fascists. For example, Richard Nixon:

        –Founded the EPA.
        –Created the BATF(E) from the alcohol tax enforcers of the IRS.
        –Imposed the first peacetime wage and price controls since FDR.
        –Imposed a nationwide 55mph speed limit.
        –Threw out a government study on marijuana (that found that weed was no more dangerous than alcohol and tobacco) because hippies…
        –Made hate for hippies and some other parts of the American people a part of his campaigns.
        –Tried to use the IRS to harass his political opponents. (The head of the IRS refused – unlike Lois Lerner 30-40 years later.)
        –Collected a bunch of men who literally thought the President could do no wrong on his White House staff, and turned them loose with bags of $100 bills and no supervision to spy on and play dirty tricks on his political opponents. In spite of (?) much CIA experience, they turned out to be incompetent even to carry out a simple burglary. He did this when it should have been obvious that the Democratic party that nominated McGovern and Eagleton had no chance of winning.

        And yet this progressive fascist was supposed to be a conservative. I guess the “proof” of that was that he hated Communists nearly as much as Hitler. (Feuds within the family are the deadliest.)

        • I just realized my last sentence was ambiguous, but both interpretations are true: Nixon hated Communists as much as Hitler did, and Nixon hated Communists as much (if not more than) as he hated Hitler. Not that either one is discreditable – it’s all the other things he had in common with FDR, Mussolini, and Hitler that are discreditable.

  2. “Why do you need guns?” “To protect our children from evil sickos like David Frum.”

  3. Indeed. Joe takes the high and reasoned road to argue his point, to his credit.

    Creatures like Frum have drunk deep of the Kool-aid and cannot engage in a reasoned discussion about firearms. It’s all feelz and emotion and “safety”, which their desires would neither provide nor increase.

    Throwing the average citizen onto the mercies and good nature of the criminals within our society are all that they’d accomplish. Remember that Frum and his ilk live different lives, cloistered away from the hoi palloi and open nature of our lives. They live in secured apartment buildings on the upper east side and venture out to the Hamptons to rub elbows with their oh so smart and progressive members of society, where the likelihood of their encountering a firearm not possessed by one of their security teams is remote.

    I’m not as commendable as Joe, so I’ll refer to Frum as “just another Piss Ant”.

    Jeff B.

    • Perhaps Frum is just a clueless sheltered fool, but there is a more sinister side to the gun control movement: Criminals and leftist politicians are natural allies. Gun control protects criminals, who create situations that make increasing government power look necessary, and vote Democrat if they vote at all.

  4. I have argued in the past:

    There are people who, more than anything, fear that a weapon they own will be turned against them or against those they love. There are also people who, more than anything, fear that they, or their loved ones, will be in mortal danger, and that they will be powerless to do anything about it.

    Tell me which of those scenarios scares you more, and I’ll tell you where you stand on gun control.

    As a corollary, I could add: people in the first category deal with their fear by ridding themselves of weapons, and then hoping that others will defend them if the need arises. People in the second category acquire tools and training to deal with contingencies, and strongly encourage their loved ones to get training as well.

    • Frum is ‘None of The Above’
      He’s a standard operational political hack who will spout whatever set of talking points is provided by whoever is paying the most.

      I figure, from the past examples of other people who spout the anti-gun line, he probably actually owns a handgun or two….. since he’s ‘special’.

  5. Has David Frum ever been asked why he is so anti gun, and has he ever given an honest answer?

  6. Someone needs to kick in the door of this assclown’s house at o dark thirty, pistol whip him and rape his wife…..then tell him it was easy….because there were NO GUNS IN THE HOUSE. Morons like this don’t learn any other way but from PAINFUL experience.

    • Actually, they won’t even learn then. But point well taken. One should be careful these days. I mean you show up at his house O-dark thirty. Do a beat-down. Then find out he’s a gay communist?
      You just lost half your intended trauma to poor mission planning?
      Or maybe I’m just to old fashioned?

    • DON’T follow this advice, but if you do, be careful. You can’t count on a gun grabber being disarmed. Many are hypocrites, who will use their political influence to get gun permits while denying the tools of self-defense to the powerless.

  7. I’m not persuaded. Perhaps Mr. Frum would like to try another line of argument?

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