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A majority of Americans may currently favor more restrictive laws regarding firearms, but that majority looks likely to shrink in the years to come, making policy changes less likely as the years go by. That’s just as well, since passage of such laws would leave the powers-that-be looking thoroughly ineffective given that the people who would actually be touched by them have demonstrated their unwillingness to submit to such policies.

J.D. Tuccille
August 25, 2021
Don’t Be Surprised if Gun Owners Don’t Comply With Gun Control Laws
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. I would think that these findings are more general. Conservatives have been the law and order group, but could that be changing with the rise of socialists attempting to managed society with their ‘legal’ knobs and dials?

  2. Our Achille’s Heel would be ammo. Clamping down on manufacturing would really hamstring nearly all gun owners. Alternatives, yes. But, how willing and able to ‘roll your own’ are most owners?

  3. Notably absent in the article is any mention of the constitution. I’ve noticed a trend in this direction over the last 50 years or so. Now whole conversations take place as though there were no constitutional restrictions on the passing of laws. Our imaginations eventually quit seeing constitutional restrictions, and so, if someone mentions the very concept of constitutional limits, we’ve begun to think of him as some kind of extremist, or whacko.

    Taking polls is a perfect example of this sort of constitutional decay. Under a strong constitution (meaning people understand it, and also understand its underlying principles) it doesn’t matter what people think because the constitution prevents them from enacting their stupid opinions and misconceptions as laws.

    Therefore when I see mention of the latest poll on gun issues, I see it as damage assessment. Just as, a day or two after a bombing raid you fly over the target area and take photos to assess the damage, so too, after a propaganda raid against the Bill of Rights you’d want to take a poll to find out how effective your propaganda was. In each case it’s about understanding the effects of your attacks, and seeing if there’s any way to increase the effectiveness of those attacks.

    Of course the constitution is only as effective as the people’s understanding of that constitution. Part of the propaganda then is to simply delete any mention of the constitution from the conversations. No mention, no thought. No thought, no understanding. No understanding, no practical effectiveness. At some point the constitution becomes functionally irrelevant, and ONLY THEN do the results of polls on gun laws matter in regards to politics and legislation.

    The proper response to a proposed poll on gun restrictions would go something like this.

    Grunt; “Hey boss I got an idea. Let’s take a poll to find out how many people favor gun restrictions.”
    Boss: “Irrelevant. The second amendment prohibits restrictions, and so it doesn’t matter.”

    The only way any of this would even be discussed in the first place is if we have enemies of the state scheming on how to overthrow the constitution. So get rid of them, and then it won’t matter.

    Imagine this.
    “Hey boss, let’s take a poll to find out how many people favor the reinstatement of slavery.”


  4. Why should we? The communists in charge have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that law means nothing to them. It’s just one tool in the box for tyranny.
    The law of land for this day and age is to not get caught. Period. And as always, survive.
    Those that would be our leaders have given as a clear path to follow. Lawlessness is their choice. Were only following their example.
    The real problem is that whomever is pulling Biden’s levers seem intent on pushing us over the edge sooner, than later.
    I mean, if you got the Chinese communist together with rabid muslims, and some ivy league think tankers, to devise a plan for destroying America. Would America look much different than it does right now?

  5. Tuccille does touch on a truth here that extends beyond the gun control issue; more laws, more government only results in more laws and more government. Bureaucrats grow the business by failing and requesting more laws and more budget.

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