Quote of the day—Kevin Baker

The Left projects in 70mm IMAX. Whatever they accuse you of, either they’re already doing it or wish they were.

Kevin Baker
Facebook comment on July 11, 2021


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  1. Sal Alinsky in, Rules for Radicals, Talked of this principle. Look in the mirror, and accuse the other guy of doing what your doing.
    I think it goes farther back in communism. But it doesn’t matter. It’s just another lie. By someone that lies to themselves as easy as they lie to you.
    Teaching self-deception, seems to be root cause of most communism. As it appears to be the common thread?

  2. “Accuse others of what you do.” — The M.O. of every Marxist, or fascist, and every narcissist, ever.

    I guess the logic works something like this— If other people are evil, then out of some twisted sense of fairness it justifies my being evil. If I look at a person I wish to target, to take his stuff or otherwise persecute him, and I can say that he is evil, then I can be justified in stealing from or otherwise persecuting him. And so if I can’t point to a serious enough evil in my target population to justify what I have in mind to do to them, I’ll simply make something up, or I’ll pick some lesser evil in that population and magnify it. “You’re destroying the planet!” Now I’m a social justice warrior, and anything I do in the name of saving the very planet from extinction can be justified! It means I’m not stealing or murdering anymore but merely executing justice! I’m a knight in shining armor! A Hero! So now as a filthy criminal I am capable of seeing myself as morally superior to the people I lie to, lie about, rob, threaten and murder.

    Clearly, it is a very effective tactic. Are you criticizing it, and if so, on what basis, given that it works so well? What is your counter to it! How do you argue against it?

    Again I’m afraid we’re being like a squadron that’s pinned down by enemy artillery fire, and so we send a message to the enemy, “Hey! Don’t you idiots know you could kill someone!” Or we just talk to one another about how dumb and immoral the enemy is for lobbing artillery rounds in our direction. It’s sort of the whole point, Man, so first we’d better gain a clear understanding of the battle lines in this war, and who is trying to destroy whom.

    Lucifer was the first SJW, and started the first “woke” movement. He then brought his doctrine to Eve, in the Garden;

    “For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”

    There we get further insights into this mindset;
    First it portrays our Creator as something of a tyrant, His law needlessly keeping us from becoming all that we can be.
    If we disregard Him and eat of a certain fruit then our eyes will be opened (we’ll be “woke”).
    It’s an envious, covetous, usurping mindset that wants to be a god, to decide what is good or evil, while ignoring the definitions given by our Creator.
    Thus we can elevate ourselves by ignoring God, we can decide for ourselves what is good and what is evil, and we can become like gods ourselves.

    And so it turns God’s perfect law of liberty upside down, flips it 180 degrees, and makes it out to be tyranny, and it makes evil out to be freedom, goodness, fairness, and justice, and even “The Common Good” as so often referenced by communists and papists.

    It’s all there, for those who can look at it without being stung too painfully by it. By careful study we can readily see that the worldly powers and cultures are standing in direct opposition to every clause and every precept in the Biblical narrative. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what we’ve really been talking about here all along, but couldn’t quite fit the puzzle pieces together or come to terms with it.

    The whole world is running on some version of that lucifarian/satanic doctrine, and is coming together, uniting church and state, to consolidate power around that doctrine, so what do you think you can do about it? By what power would you seek to challenge it? “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” — Ephesians 6:12

  3. They accuse you of destroying the planet, by your economic activity and also by just eating and breathing. Here’s what that’s looking like in terms of current world strategy and implementation, directly from the horse’s mouth. Note the name of the youtube channel;

    Now if they’re accusing us of something so horrendous as killing the very planet we live on (“How Dare You!”), then what, using the logic in Kevin’s quote, are they planning to do to us? Obviously something very horrendous.

    All the powers of the world embrace this doctrine of “climate change emergency”. You can make fun of them if you like, of course, but wouldn’t it be better to expose as much of their operation and their network of associations as possible? They’re “taking the masks off” now, so it’s not terribly difficult. I just wonder how many are cut out for that line of work.

    So climate is an “emergency” which, for the sake of justice (for mother gaia), requires the world powers to radically curtail your economic activity and then eventually get rid of you, while robbing you during the whole process.

    And again, to show the marvelous consistency with which the consolidating world powers contradict the Biblical narrative entirely, here is Genesis, chapter 8, verse 22;
    “ While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

  4. As someone stated it in comments over at Legal Insurrection, Every Leftist accusation is a confession.

  5. “Projection” The political tool of always accusing the opposition of what you are doing or intend to do.

  6. And when they complain about something the Russian or Chinese communists are doing, you’ll know the fix is in, and they are only complaining for purposes of re-election, as is the case with protesting the weaponization of energy by the Russians. Canceling the XL pipeline assured that Russian (and Chinese) energy weaponization could continue without obstruction by the US.

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