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More than 61% of the country has drawn a line in the sand — telling the federal government not to infringe upon their God-given and constitutional rights. The movement ceased being “symbolic” a long time ago.

Despite the good professor saying it’s not a “good look” for the NRA, neither the NRA nor any other civil rights organizations have anything to do with it. This is a pure grassroots movement. It’s organic. It’s hyper-local. It’s about citizens standing up to their government — period. No one person or organization is pulling any strings.

That NPR and other outdated members of the legacy media are now belittling and downplaying Second Amendment sanctuaries shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. They’re scared, after all, but not nearly as scared as the politicians. The movement positively terrifies them. It strikes at their very core. It tells them very plainly that we will not comply with their tyrannical edicts.

Lee Williams
Chief Editor Second Amendment Foundation Investigative Reporting Project
June 23, 2021
No, NPR, there aren’t 400 Second Amendment Sanctuary counties in the US — there are 1,930
[See also here.

This one of the vectors which will help us retain our 2nd Amendment rights.—Joe]


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  1. 61% of America’s counties is not 61% of the country. I’d guess that the population of those 1,930 counties is less than 30% of the USA’s population.

    • So, what’s your point? You thinking we live in a democracy or something? Politicians can’t claim that their elected under the constitution. (The only legally binding kind.) And then set about violating that same document by infringing where they are strictly forbidden to.2A being a legally binding covenant.
      And if your the only person in the country that understands that, it doesn’t change the fact that your right. And everyone else is wrong.
      And ANYONE trying to infringe on that right can be legally resisted. With force of arms. Idiocracy notwithstanding.

      • My point? Accuracy is preferable to inaccuracy. Don’t twist words to make a position seems stronger. Most Americans do not live in 2A sanctuary counties. I wish they did, but they don’t.

        • 1930 counties in the US is 61%. That’s how many counties actually passed something.
          Go ask an ad agency what that represents? That’s fricking huge.
          Is it 61% of the population? It could actually represent more than 61% of the population. Not everybody in blue hives agrees with with the commie crap? Ask Joe.
          And nobody can do an actual, accurate survey. 61% of the population is certainly more conservative and accurate estimate than we’ll ever get from NPR on anything.
          More to the point. If you wait for politicians and police to protect your rights? Good luck with that, bro.

  2. The NRA is a poor organization to choose when it comes to 2A advocacy.

    More gun owners than not (IMO) believe that the NRA is too soft and willing to compromise.

    Jeff B.

    • After being member and seeing legal entanglements, infighting, and the constant pleas for money, I agree. And its not just the NRA, my opinion of non-profits in general is one of money grabbing organizations with just enough sugar to justify the donations. How did we go so wrong?

      • Perhaps because most of the people who think the existing organizations aren’t good enough are not willing to create their own to be better?
        I’ll be the first to agree that the NRA is not perfect. But it’s better than nothing, and the fact that anti-American politicians are working so hard to put it out of business proves that point quite convincingly.

        • “…the fact that anti-American politicians are working so hard to put it out of business proves that point quite convincingly.”

          Or it’s a false dialectic: A popular tool in the arsenal of deception. This could explain precisely why politicians like to attack the NRA, it being a soft target, so willing to uphold compromise as a moral virtue above bedrock principles. It’s like the Republican Party– They’re the perfect “primary adversary” to the left because they’re so mushy, seeming to forget their supposed principles at key moments. It’s a functional expression of the old phrase, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. But in these cases, the word “enemies” is properly in scare quotes. We’ll call them “ostensible enemies”. And so, if you’re “fighting” with your friends and allies, both sides win. They can yell at and insult one another in front of the cameras, and then go to their pub, or “temple”, together afterward for a drink and a laugh.

          And so, when you see two supposed “sides” battling it out, appearing to be giving it their all, for the “cause”, don’t make the mistake of automatically leaping to the conclusion that they aren’t members of the same fraternity putting on a show.

          And if you should be tempted to believe that this is a wild “conspiracy theory”, then wait until you discover the truth– I estimate that it’ll seem ten times crazier.

          And while we’re at it, let’s not forget the now famous “frog in the pot” analogy. If the goal is to “cook” us, then surely it is the Republican Party, and no other, keeping the heat turned down so as to make sure we cook rather than jump out in time. The NRA is little different. I’ve often compared them to the Republicans.

          I’m thinking that a right and proper “Bill of Rights Restoration” organization would be a simple fund. No membership, no actuaries, no staff, no nothing. Just a large fund, and a declaration to pay out to any person or group who can be successful in prosecuting AND convicting AND getting a pre-specified length prison sentence, or death sentence, as by law, for any anti-constitutional politician, cop judge, or organization leader. Simple, straight to the point, and easy. I also think that once you got some real significant amount of money in that fund (say, half the NRAs annual budget), it would soon become a deterrent in and of itself. Get one or two convictions and it would prove extremely effective as a deterrent!

          In the end it will have been either a very aggressive, pro-active legal war including criminal prosecutions, or an actual shooting war with little hope of restoring liberty. We are up against actual criminals having infiltrated our institutions at all levels, after all. What then could one expect?

          Propohesy of course says that the global left (the Romish forces – the SJWs and the “Climate Justice Warriors”) will win, for a very short time, and then the Second Coming. In that scenario all we have to do is cleave to our Savior and His law, and convince as many others as possible to “Come out of Babylon!” (come out of that leftist, coercive authoritarian and pagan mindset).

    • Kind of telling, though, that the NRA is always who the NPRseholes choose to revile. FPC? GOA? Nary a peep about them. I may have heard the SAF mentioned, once, but I wouldn’t swear to it.

      Name recognition isn’t everything, but it’s not nothing either.

  3. “The [pro-rights, or pro individual freedom of conscience] movement positively terrifies them.”

    That’s definitely part of it, but I dare say it’s not the main part. I think the main reason they hate us has more to do with their authoritarian mindset, and our freedom of conscience mindset, which is a total contrast. The “Heap Big Chief” mentality, which assumes he’s being worshiped, because he is being worshiped by all the suckers of the world, finding that he is not only NOT being worshiped by us, but is in fact seen as, at best, silly, well, THAT is worse than the worst insult you can think of. I’ve seen grown, very experienced men, of title, completely lose their composure, embarrassing themselves, when confronted with someone (me, for example) who simply has no regard for them and shows no fear or deference simply because of their title. You treat a man like that as an equal, or less than, and Boy Howdy! It’s not just a filthy middle finger shoved hard into their faces during a posh and formal award ceremony for their greatness, getting feces on their starched collars, it’s MUCH worse. It drives them literally insane with hatred. I’ve seen it first-hand at least twice. The second one was a federal attorney too, and he ended up making himself look like a jackass for having set out to “get” me in petty ways. And all I ever did was make a reasoned argument. We’re not talking about shouting insults or anything remotely similar. I was polite with these guys, even, but simply had a different view of things, or asked the wrong question, and they LOST IT.

    But make no mistake; they are NOT harmless. They’ll kill you if they think they can get away with it.

    And so, if they’re truly terrified of us, as you say, it’s for a different reason than you may think. They’re afraid of being EXPOSED.

    So it comes down to the individual authoritarian. Some will hate you more for your individual discernment, and fear that discernment above all else, and others will fear you because you’re armed, but in my experience the former.

    Also, your being armed is in itself a direct, personal insult to an authoiritarian, quite apart from what you’re capable of doing with your arms. It demonstrates to them that you don’t recognize their holy greatness nor do you trust them. That alone can send a grown man into fits of uncontrollable rage, and we saw that years ago in the video of a cop in Canton, who blew his top when he discovered that a man he’d pulled over for some minor traffic issue was carrying. That cop set out to “get” that driver, and his behavior was exactly like that atorney who set ot to “get” me. I tell you, it’s a pattern behavior of authoritarians.

  4. The current incarnation of 2A sanctuaries is pretty weak sauce. It could, of course morph into something stronger under pressure and having the theory in place could help with that.

    • Remember incrementalism. First we got concealed carry, then must-issue, then constitutional carry. It usually (except for Vermont, strangely enough) did not get here all at once.

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