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That’s Judge Roger Benitez, a death-worshiping fascist who has never noticed that the word “own” – or anything like it – is absent from the 2nd Amendment. We can no longer tolerate gun nuts in the judiciary.

Keith Olbermann @KeithOlbermann
Tweeted on June 5, 2021
[He was referring to the decision released last Friday declaring California’s ban on “assault weapons” was unconstitutional.

Via  a tweet from Sean D Sorrentino (@SorrentinoSean) who said:

This is what insanity looks like.

Insanity is one diagnosis but I’m inclined to believe “insanity” is going too light on Olbermann and would like to suggest alternatives.

If Benitez is a fascist then he is sure going about it wrong. What self respecting fascist would allow the average citizen to posses the weapons to resist their authority? Of course, the fascist labels Olbermann is throwing around in his tantrum is projection.

Another obvious point to be made is that one or more of the following things must be true:

  1. Olbermann hasn’t read the 2nd Amendment.
  2. Olbermann has a reading comprehension problem.
  3. Olbermann doesn’t know the meaning of the word “keep”.
  4. Olbermann is deliberately lying.
  5. Olbermann is insane/delusional.

In any case, I look forward to laughing at his continued tantrums and demonstrations of stupidity, insanity, and/or evil..—Joe]


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  1. It wouldn’t be such a problem if he didn’t have an audience of people who actually listened to him.

    Judging from the Twitter responses, though, he is not as beloved as he thinks he is. Which pleases me.

  2. The First Amendment doesn’t include the word, “Television, either, so whatever he prescribes as appropriate response to the Second Amendment not including “own”, should be applied to the First Amendment because it doesn’t protect Television Idiots like himself.

    And I apologize to the rest of the idiots in the world who have nothing to do with Television.

  3. What’s his vision for our future (if he has one)?

    Is it you will own nothing and you’ll be happy about it?

    Is it a world where everyone is a clone of a select few and you’ll be happy about it?

    Is it Is it you’ll be dead and be happy about it?

    Is it peace and harmony with a world in which you can only look at with permission (if you can scavenge enough subsistence to live) and you’ll be happy about it?

    Is it a world where no human has dominance over any other human, animal, plant or land and you’ll be happy about it?

    Is it a litmus test or lottery for humans that get to live forever (he’ll be one of the chosen) and you’ll be happy about it?

    Is it a world of grinding poverty where everyone has equity and you’ll be happy about it?

  4. Keep, Verb: have or retain possession of

    Possession, Noun: the state of having, owning, or controlling something.

    Well, that was simple to prove that the 2nd can indeed refer to ownership. Such literate people.

  5. Good comments all!
    It’s truly a wonder to behold. You would think one of his friends would tell him there are drug regiments for his condition? Little drool time and the rubber room might help?
    Looks like the future is as bright as a muzzle flash.

  6. It’s the left. Facism only exists in there minds when people oppose the left and Democrats when we go after them. So a judge ruling a liberal gun ban is unconstitutional is fascism and oppression to them however in their minds banning guns is not fascism and oppression. In fact in their minds the complete and total ban of all private gun ownership using the full force of the United States military to confiscate all guns by force and mandating the complete and total extermination of the entire United States population that owns guns along with the entire population of the United States in a gun owning household along with a complete and total extermination of all human life in the United States that opposes the complete and total extermination of every single gun owner is not fascism but anyone who would fight against that is a fascist.

    I don’t even know if the word ‘insane’ applies. I don’t think it’s strong enough.

  7. “Olbermann hasn’t read the 2nd Amendment.”
    Doesn’t matter. It was written by “old, dead, white, men” and so it may (must) be dismissed out-of-hand no matter what it says.

    “Olbermann has a reading comprehension problem.”
    Ditto. It doesn’t matter what the 2A says. Leftists “know better”.

    “Olbermann doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘keep'”.
    He knows for sure, for why else replace “keep” with “own” except as a deliberate obfuscation?

    Anyway, “Keep” is more inclusive– One may have possession of (Keep) arms which he does not technically own, and one may “keep” his own arms, and thus both are covered by the 2A. It’s almost as if the American founders understood English or something.

    “Olbermann is deliberately lying.”
    Deliberately avoiding the acknowledgement of the ideology of liberty, but in the collective mind of the left, deception is a good thing so long as it’s favorable to the war against the American Principles of liberty.

    It is a war. Remember how General Schwarzkopf deceived the Iraqis and we respected and admired him for it? It’s just like that. Remember when Dan Rather referred to his being caught red-handed committing fraud, and referred to it as “Courage”? It’s just like that. Whether you see deception as a moral wrong, something to be ashamed of, all depends on the context. Deception of an enemy is generally considered laudable, not by Christian standards, mind you, but by all worldly standards. And so to “accuse” the left of deception is, to them, a compliment, same as if the Iraqis had “accused” Schwarzkopf of deception after their resounding defeat.

    “Olbermann is insane/delusional.”
    That’s one way of looking at it. “Highly, highly deceived” and “in a sort of hypnotic state” is another way of seeing it, and I think it’s the more productive, even tactically superior, way of seeing it because then, some possible solutions start to present themselves. You can’t ever properly treat a disease by looking at the symptoms and ignoring the cause. “Delusional”, or otherwise out of touch with reality, is a symptom. “Highly deceived or hypnotized” points to a cause, and only when we identify the source of that cause and expose it and arrest it are we doing anything meaningful.

    “…I look forward to laughing at his continued tantrums and demonstrations of stupidity, insanity, and/or evil.”
    You know I would have agreed with that statement some years ago (I openly recommended it), but I no longer see this as a laughing matter or a source of entertainment. It is deadly serious. Any attempts to shame the left would only have a possibility of working if they came from other leftists. Again, think of Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard attempting to “laugh at”, “mock” or “shame” the American military, or vice versa. They’d laugh right back, and fight all the harder, wouldn’t they?

  8. I’ve read about 40 pages of the 94 page decision. It is well written, easy to read, well researched and slams all of the points home.

    I needed to see what the other side was saying so I read an opinion piece in the _Washington Post_ about the decision.

    Like all the rest of the echo chamber they start with “Crazy judge makes insane judgement, here’s all you need to know”.

    They then spent a paragraph describing how awful it was that he compared a swiss army knife to an AR-15 (hint, he didn’t.) And in order to make that happen, they quoted only a part of the first sentence. Ink is freaking cheap, if you weren’t trying to hide something, why not put the entire sentence there.

    The rest of the article was telling us how all these important people think he is a horrible person and unfit to be a judge, even before the senate confirmed him 98 to 1. See the ABA says he’s a nasty little bully! He should be removed from the bench.

    At no time did they actually refute any of his findings. It was all personal attacks on the judge.

    At the end they stated “well, the winds are changing. Those crazy 2A people got this win. But we knew that the AWBs were going to fail, but there are better ways to ban/remove/infringe on gun rights.”

    The quote of “Guns don’t kill, bullets do. So we ban bullets” seems to be about on par with the thinking.

    I think my favorite was they quoted him as saying something like “The constitution is there to protect the citizens from the tyranny of the majority” To which the author’s response was “Hasn’t this crazy judge ever heard of majority rules”

    Reading the comments was pretty much the same. All republicans are crazy. Judge is crazy. Knives aren’t AR-15s so this is a bad judgement. And the facts of how often don’t matter. Judge has no soul because people died in mass shootings with AR-15s.

  9. Keith Olbermann apparently suffered a severe head injury in 1980 (it’s in his Wikipedia page,with citations).

    This might explain a few things about the man.

  10. Olberman, though anti American, just sees increased ratings from his outrageous assaults on America. I don’0t know how they obtain viewership to establish his ratings and increase revenues but…he is verboten in our home. I cannot think of one person in our town, and I know most who watch any of the anti America “news” channels. or programs. We get our news from pro American and truthful reporters on several Internet sites. Main Stream News Media is now Democrat Marx ant American propaganda…and no one watches them except the DNC ,China ,Big Tech,and the handful of the hate America crowd

  11. This statement is just ONE, of MANY reasons why Keith is called Olber MORON…..

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