Sign of things to come?

Is this some sort of communist takeover and a sign of things to come?

Squatters take over multimillion-dollar Sammamish home, police say hands are tied

Neighbors identified the two people as the squatters and both were arrested for burglary, according to Pingrey. Both were out of jail within days and headed back to the home, bringing more people with them.

“After they were out of jail, we had a large group trying to get back into the house,” Pingrey said. “No one was supposed to be there. The homeowners were not allowing anyone to stay there.”

Taking the advice of local prosecutors and lawyers, Pingrey said law enforcement is limited in what they can do. His frustrations hit a boiling point when the squatters demanded to be allowed to take property inside the home with them. Pingrey said, legally, his hands were tied and officers conducted a “civil standby.”

Pictures taken by a neighbor show police vehicles lined up on the street with officers watching, as the squatters filled a U-Haul truck with items inside. Another picture shows a garage full of appliances, including an ATM.

“We were not allowed to go in there with them and had to allow them to take this property out,” Pingrey said. “The person who had been illegally living there (was able) to come in and get what they stated was their property.”

Or is it some sort of misguided law with a loophole being exploited?


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  1. Perhaps the owners are required to act, and if they don’t, there is no criminal complaint?

    • Criminal complaints do nothing. This is how the communist destroy the bourgeoisie.
      Imagine that same scene with Antifa as the police?
      The only thing that works is you being worse than the squatters. You and a couple friends put on masks, go kick ass and steal all their crap. Or you can pay them to leave. (Most will spare you the eviction process for $500.00 bucks.)
      Like I use to tell the shit-heads in the little mountain town I lived in. The same cops that don’t do shit to your thieving asses, don’t spend much time looking for bodies either.
      Harsh, but that’s the new normal.

      • Or put on masks and esxpress your dsipleasure with a baseball bat.

        ANd then, afther non lethat and mild admonition, a warning:
        “GTFO and leave all my shit or this will escalate…YOu might want to clean up after yoruself as well”

        Just sayin’

  2. I don’t think I would dignify them with the name communist – they are criminal vermin taking over our society and should be treated like vermin but that is no longer allowed.

    Still, it not all bad news since I expect that stories like this one will do a lot to change minds. Perhaps we’ll even see a wave of one strike laws.

    • As I said on Twitter:

      I could see people believing the solution is a house in a somewhat remote location, close to public lands, and a backhoe.

      We would be better off if people realize this is not the optimal solution.

      • In my mind an optimal solution would be a society in which moral character including honesty is the norm. That is also the hallmark of a great civilization.

  3. a lot of states have laws like this…it sucks if it’s your home…if you are leaving for an extended time, better have really good friends stay in it or family…if squatters take it over and live there for a certain period, it becomes a court battle to get it back…and it’s more of a civil crime compared to criminal…

  4. It’s not a communist takeover. “A misguided law with a loophole being exploited” is more correct, except it’s not really a loophole, either.

    IANAL, but this is my understanding: It has to do with “abandoned” buildings. Basically, in many places, if a real property owner can’t continually exercise control of the property and kick people out who shouldn’t be there, then the squatters are granted rights to the property as well. It does take a while — the squatters have to maintain a presence for several months to a year — but it happens a lot.

    (Sometimes the squatters are there for a very long time and take very good care of the place, get IDs with the address, and nobody can tell the difference … other than them and the actual owner.)

    After that, it becomes a — usually long and expensive — legal battle over which party’s rights supersede the other’s, and (IMHO) far too many powers-that-be are far too sympathetic to the “poor and downtrodden” people who take advantage of vacant properties, and interpret the definition of “abandoned building” more broadly than the drafters intended. And the actual owners (i.e. the people who bought the property, paid the taxes, and whose names are on the deed) get completely screwed.

    Even more so if it’s a furnished property; the squatters can claim all the furniture, appliances, decorations, etc., are theirs, and they’re often given the benefit of doubt. The squatters can take anything that’s not nailed down, trash the rest, and leave the owner with an empty wreck of a building, fit to be condemned. And it’s all legal.

    All because someone passed a law to “help homeless people” by allowing them to use “abandoned” buildings.

    • That is kind of the definition of communism: there is no private property. To each according to his need, etc.

      • Yup. And Archer, try it at one of Bernie Sanders places and see how it works out for you?
        There are no legal laws abridging the quiet use of my private property.
        The one’s that are on the books were wrote by communist. And enforced by useful idiots.
        And as Chet mentioned above Archer. How far have we fallen as a society if this is the attitude and politics?

        • You could always burn it. I assume the insurance is still in the homeowner’s name?

  5. I’m not sure if it is just San Jose CA that passed a law, that states that if a residence is unoccupied for more than 30 days, they can seize it and move in people on their list of those needing a home. I wonder if they did this to a homeowner that was stuck somewhere around the world due to the Wuhan flu problems?

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