Quote of the day—Benobos @BenGreggTang

Ban all semi-automatic firearms with removable magazines or internal magazines greater than 10 rounds.

Benobos @BenGreggTang
Tweeted on May 20, 2021
[The tweet is now deleted or at least hidden. I have to wonder why. Did he change his mind or just didn’t want to confront reality?

Regardless of the reason don’t ever let anyone get away with saying “No one wants to take your guns.”—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Benobos @BenGreggTang

  1. Hmm, it does sound like he is unsure of himself. Has he not seen the giant billboard flashing red under the rule of Jay Enslee and Joe Biden?

    I have less and less confidence that the Judicial branch will limit the powers other branches of government. Enslee has been extending his emergency powers for over a year and shows little indication of giving it up. And yesterday the court again sided with the state allowing Enslee to continue his emergency rule. How long will it be before he turns his focus towards his critics as he continues to consolidate his power?

    Is this not how other dictators gained power?

  2. One has to wonder if poor Benny is on meds, off meds, or needs his meds adjusted?
    Damn the government for closing all the sanitariums! Is there no end to the villainy? Infecting the retarded with communism is just beyond any sense of humanity or common decency!
    But like it or not. The zombies of gun control cometh!

    • The zombies are out and the gods of the Copybook Headings are rampant again.

  3. The quote is deceptive in its incompleteness. Let’s reveal the truth of the statement by completing it;

    “Ban all semi-automatic firearms with removable magazines or internal magazines greater than 10 rounds, so that only we criminals will have them.”

    That’s what they mean, and so then the anti-gun movement becomes, all at the same time, logical, reasonable, consistent and predictable. Indeed it is quite intelligent, for, if they thought there was any chance of mitigating the problem, why would the criminal class allow their intended victims to be well and properly armed? Hmm? And yet we in our ignorance like to point at them, call them stupid, and laugh at them!

    Which side, then, is the more logical? Which side, in fact, has more to learn than the other?

    And why settle for ten rounds in a semi automatic? When the criminal alliance knows that the law-abiding can still pose a significant threat to them, with our truckloads of SKS rifles having ten round fixed magazines and our precision long range bolt action hunting rifles, they will surely impose a lower limit, eventually banning muzzleloaders as instruments of “terrorism” (as truly they’ve been used as tools of insurrection, revolution and war). President Lincoln was assassinated using a muzzleloading derringer! If you don’t think that would eventually come up as an issue in this Progressive scheme, then you know nothing of the criminal class (the left).

    And since we’ve already shown a willingness to compromise, there is nothing, in principle, logic or precedent, which could stop them (to say nothing of ever apprehending and prosecuting them). And so this problem of lawlessness within our institutions WILL continue. It must, until we (not the left) change. Logic dictates it.

    • Gun Control or rather, Law Abiding Citizen Control is executed like the man who thought to cut the dog’s tail off a half inch at a time. Eventually the dog figures out that the last cut wasn’t the last cut.

  4. well, not much changes.–

    the anti gun guys have always seemingly been focused on “symbols,” and remain startling ignorant of facts. or, so it would seem. i think their silliness is just to hide a deeper agenda, and i suspect they will not be satisfied until black powder front stuffers are “taken” as well.

    but, i digress. as to the “semi auto” thing, and “symbols.” the turks at the turn of the 20th century used the winchester 1895 lever action to good effect in battle– this, a rifle not designed for battle. the remington model 760 pump would be a rifle capable of very rapid aimed fire in a combat situation, in any number of calibers quite effective against two-legged soft bodied adversaries. hell, the models 14/141 in .30 remington (round bullets, indeed) would be quite formidable weapons in any sort of affray …. being very light, compact and maneuverable weapons. likewise, the winchester model 1894 in .30-30, say in carbine form, would be a very hand “close quarters” gun.

    well, i trust i make my point. the list goes on and on and on. if there is anything magical about the semi-auto as opposed to any other form of firearm, the difference escapes me. a semi-auto, for the most part, does nothing any other well aimed rifle can do.

    let’s hope the anti’s never really figure that out. maybe they have, and they are just going after things bite by bite …. but, i suspect that they “buy into” their own liturgy for the most part, and equate a simple set of mechanical choices in firearms design as “evil.” as bugs bunny said, what “ultra maroons.” in a certain way, i hope it stays that way …. always best to have an antagonist who knows nothing.

  5. The wolves are killing the sheep in the pastures, so let’s kill all the dogs that sleep at the foot of our beds every night.
    Is this a category error? It’s been a Loooooong time since I studied Logic in any depth.

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