Quote of the day—Ry

Joe – Stood in the caldera.

Videos later.

Unexplainably awesome.

Postcard from May 2021
[I received the postcard yesterday:



I watched the video a few days ago:

The beginning is, “That’s kind of cool.”

At one minute, “Oh! This is more interesting.”

At two minutes, “OH! THAT! IS! AWESOME!”

Watch full screen with the volume up a bit.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ry

  1. It was overwhelming to be that close. One time I was up there and we had very high winds and ice pellets start – when the volcano erupted, everyone turned into the wind and ice to get all of the warmth from the lava we could. It was like the “feel the heat” moment from years ago at Boomershoot, times a couple thousand.

    The lava was shooting up 300 to 400 meters in the air and coming down over us – when it hit us, it was like getting hit with Whoppers. You could pick up a softball size chunk of lava, it would weight a couple ounces, and you could crush it in your hands with no effort.

    Good times.

    • Inside the Caldera!
      Glad you’re OK.
      Don’t make this a habit. The sense of danger and awesome power so close is addictive, as the husband and wife team of French Vulcanologists Katia and Maurice Krafft found out at Mt. Unzen in Japan in 1991.

      I’d rather read your comments here than read about you in the papers.

  2. Excellent adventure there, Mr. Jones!
    And fine camerawork.
    Thank you!

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