Quote of the day—Kurt Schlichter

Mock the media. There is no institution with a more inflated sense of itself than the press – that smug self-satisfaction is one of the things that helps make up for the crummy pay (though most young journalists today are rich kids whose birthing parent and daddy subsidize them). Your refusal to pretend that these oafs deserve respect causes them no end of fussy fury. So, refuse.

The media hates you. You owe it nothing. Give it nothing, except your contempt.

Kurt Schlichter
May 17, 2021
The Media Hates You And Is Shocked That You Hate It Back
[Good advice.—Joe]


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  1. ”There is no institution with a more inflated sense of itself than the press”


    The press, or those in media generally, who’ve been installed to act as our superiors, are smug, yes, and they are at the same time displaying such a combination of ignorance and arrogant presumptuousness as is hard to imagine and often shocking to witness, but they pale in comparison to another institution. They merely reflect, or echo, this other institution’s presumptuousness. They merely ascribe to it, hoping to get a mere scintilla of it’s authority, grandeur and universal admiration. Just look at the images here, and you’ll begin to see that the media pukes have nothing on, and are but a thin shadow of, this other presumptive power;


    If you understood the symbology in those images, you’d see that their institutional figurehead is actually, positively, referring to himself as God. He expects to be both worshipped and obeyed accordingly, and to make law for the whole world and see to its enforcement.

    But of course none of this is at all new. It’s as old as the hills. It’s that ancient system of “god-kings” demanding they be worshipped. And of course, given their way, they’ll kill you outright for not bowing to their “greatness” and “holiness”. They’ll kill and kill and kill, as much as necessary, until every living being on Earth bows at their feet and trembles, thinking of nothing else but their terrible, spectacular greatness and how to appease and placate it.

    ” The media hates you. You owe it nothing. Give it nothing, except your contempt.”

    Let’s fix that up a little, putting it into context;

    Babylon hates you. Turn your back on it. Come out of Babylon, lest you partake of her plagues!

    Again though; it’s all about a state of mind. If you hate them right back, you are still of their state of mind. It requires the recognition of the fact that, while they of Babylon are no better than you, neither are you better than they. Otherwise you’ll want simply to throw them down and take their place, and that’s not how you get out of Babylon.

      • Please don’t call other commenters names. Refute them in as much or little detail as you choose. Or say, “I vehemently disagree.” But no name calling.


    • Lyle. Having come out of being a drunk, 25 yrs. ago. I’m accused of thinking I’m better than others that still drink. I reply that I’m not better than they. Just better off.
      If your assuming that whomever replaces Babylon will act the same. Then why should we blame the person sitting there now?
      The place and power don’t corrupt as much as what was in the man to begin with. To be corrupted.
      Hating your enemy clouds your judgement. Just as loving your enemy will end with your pearls being cast before swine.
      Such is the case of America today.
      Satan has changed tactics. And his propaganda wing is in full force. With his communist political wing on the march.
      And who is going to cry sin if I defend myself to their destruction?
      We can’t even hurt their feelings with a little mockery as Kurt suggests?
      Discernment brother!

      • Tirno, I understand your frustration, but THIS is how you do it.

        Well said, MT.

  2. The only group that gives itself more awards and mutual compliments is the entertainment industry, i.e. the actors and actresses. The News presenters for television have joined the ranks of entertainers, and the sooner we recognize that the party-line followers of the other media outlets have done the same, the better we will understand the enemy.
    They are anti-liberty, they are the enemy.

    • Didn’t Don Henley have a song on that? Dirty laundry? Hollywood and the media covering for communist’s is nothing new. Calling the starving of millions.” Having to break a few eggs if one wants an omelet?” As just a small example.
      From the scribes of Jesus time, to, It (I don’t know her pro-nouns), Maddow talking out all sides of the mouth. It’s always been the same.
      Mockery should be the least of their worries!
      Since hemp and lamp post are always an option.

      • Mockery is easy, relatively speaking. To get such people, hemp and lamp posts in the same place at the same time requires that the people who have had enough of their shilling and covering for totalitarianism and slavery know where to find them once the veneer of civilization is torn off and liberty-lovers must defend themselves from death.

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