Quote of the day—Frank J. Fleming @IMAO_

Are ghost guns guns useable by ghosts or guns that allow you to shoot ghosts? Because that makes a big difference in whether I want them banned or not.

Frank J. Fleming @IMAO_
Tweeted on April 8, 2021
[As pointed out by Shawn Slipknotyk @slipknotyk06, there is another possibility which should be considered. Perhaps a ghost gun is a gun that shoot ghosts out the barrel.

I think we need to move very slowly on this whole ghost gun banning thing. There are constitutional questions as well. Surely if the guns are for ghosts of U.S. citizens then such a law would be unconstitutional. And if the ghosts were “undocumented immigrants”, once they are in this country don’t they have the same rights to gun ownership as citizen ghosts?—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Frank J. Fleming @IMAO_

  1. And once they say their going to start prosecuting people over guns. Half the country is going to claim that status. Guns? What guns? There all just going to disappear.
    Remember, Idaho doesn’t have any transfer laws. So if folks from New Yoke go out there and sale their guns. Nothing illegal.
    Oh that gun? Ya, Traded it when I was out in Idaho to some guy named Joe, for a bucket of wheat. Sorry. Hey, I was hungry!
    Going to be a lot of guns, “Ghosted”, soon.

  2. They may be undocumented, but a lot of possible ghosts around here are not immigrants. I mean, do you really want to be guilt of disarming Native American ghosts? They of all people know first-hand what that leads to….

    • Good point, Rolf. What’s wrong with having, “undocumented “. anything? As far as the left’s logic goes?
      To bad they had their sense of hypocrisy surgically removed.

  3. Aren’t there millions of non-serial numbered firearms in existence? Firearms manufactured before it was required?

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