8 thoughts on “Certain people weren’t allowed to have weapons

  1. The other day Bill Bennett said about Biden’s “Jim Crow” comments that he didn’t know what Jim Crow actually is.
    I think he’s wrong. Biden knows perfectly well. After all, when he came to the Senate half a century ago, his mentors were the chief architects of Jim Crow of that time.

    • I fully agree: if Joe Biden has any understanding of racism, it’s because he was trained how to racism, loves how to racism, engages in racism on a continuous basis.

      And like a professional politician, he loudly decries racism as he does it because the people think racism is a bad thing.

      He’s not calling something “Jim Crow” because “Jim Crow” (his party’s initiatives) were bad, but because everyone calls them bad, he needs a word for something bad, so he uses “Jim Crow” in the firm belief that there is no media person that will call him on it, and most of the population is so poorly educated that they will “Jim Crow is Bad!” with no other thoughts. He’s certainly right about his party faithful; those guys will swallow anything, either from expansive ignorance combined with unearned self-righteousness, or true fear to stand out lest they be hammered back down.

    • There is a certain irony to quoting Bill Bennett in this thread as he was the inspiration behind the first ” assault weapons” ban back in the time of Bush I.

  2. Hunter really is the smartest guy he knows. Got to be inbreeding make a man lie like that!

    • And President Aphasia wants to expand the groups that were not allowed to possess weapons in 1789.

      And the people who voted for him thought they were voting for an American!

  3. Power flows from the barrel of a gun.

    That’s why they don’t want us to have any guns.

  4. Oh Great! According to this moron we can’t tell people the theatre their hair is on fire?

    • Not if BLM or Antifa started the fire, no.

      If a white male conservative Republican started it, however, everyone has to know about it.

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