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Progressive Leftism is a religion, with all the attendant characteristics: Dogma, the treatment of heathens, heretics, and apostates, indulgences, all of it. Government is God, legislators are the angels (remember, Satan and his demons were once angels), the “news” media are the clergy, and we proles are the laypeople, the heathens, the apostates and the heretics. And they will drag us, kicking and screaming if necessary, into their promised Utopia.

Or kill us, if they deem us too deplorable to save.

Kevin Baker
February 27, 2021
Immanentize the Eschaton!
[This is entirely consistent with the rise of other leftist states like the USSR, Cambodia, Venezuela, etc..

I hope we can take a less bloody path back to a government respecting the rights of the individual to worship, or not, whatever religion they so chose. But my assessment of the situation is rather grim.—Joe]


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  1. As is mine. The transformation taking place is systematically purging us from all roles and activities. Diversity rules and qualifications of any kind are racist. The depth is shocking. If you are white and straight there is no place for you unless you are on your knees.

    And it looks like it now applies to the military. Uniforms for pregnant soldiers are being designed. ‘Eighty-seven percent of our fighter pilots are white males – that has to change.’

    And it’s personal. Like in the 1860s families are being torn apart.

    It’s conversion via the sword and mass hysteria. History does not repeat but it sure rhymes. It seems that resistance is futile unless…

    • So, 74% of your fighter pilots, all of whom are male, resign their commissions. Voila! 50-50!
      When are 50% of Infantry privates and Latrine orderlies going to be women? Oh, that’s right, like in the old days, the dirty, scut work can be done by all members of the degraded minority. Only the jobs that match their elevated opinions of themselves, their heightened self esteem that’s been going through a 30 year inflation count. The Desk Jobs, the managerial jobs, the “Go out and take that Hill!” type jobs, but not the “Follow Me!” up that hill.

  2. Ya, It’s beginning to feel more Jonestown colony? Cause their all committing suicide. And demanding you do the same.
    Come out of her my children. But fore a little while. Till the indignation be passed.
    Or else running for your life, not daring to look back. Like Lot and family running from Sodom and Gomorrah. (Always a good question to ask yourself, while looking in the mirror. When should have Lot left S&G?)
    It’s safe to say that in most humans. And human groups. If you don’t have god in your life. You will put yourself in his place. Or someone will. And others will follow. It’s human nature.
    And the Chinese communist’s are using it to good effect,(for them), right now.

  3. You don’t know it yet, but this is in perfect harmony with what I’ve been saying, which is;

    The “secular” world, including the secular sciences, is not nearly so secular as they let on.

    I believe that you and Kevin are saying that the left has the characteristics of a religion, but I’m saying that they are in fact, at their command and control level at least, quite religious. That’s a big difference, though it may appear subtle or irrelevant to some. Many therefore will fail to see the differences between Christ and the anti-Christ.

    Those characteristics listed in the quote, by the way, are those of Rome. Just sayin’.

    If you know the law and the prophesies, and the history of the Reformation, you’ll see the consistency in all this.

    In short, it can take a great deal of study to tell the difference between a brilliantly devised counterfeit and that real thing which is targeted for destruction. The counterfeits of the world are banding together in a single alliance. But who will be a part of it and who will “come out of Babylon”?

    • Does the religion of the mob matter when the hangman noose is put around your neck?

      I do agree that there are differences, but when the mob rules it seems academic. Expecting people to be rational is irrational, and that goes double for the mob where all pretense of rationality is gone.

      Right now the leftists are working themselves into a panicked frenzy. And Biden is pushing them on by referring to a legally passed law as the ‘Jim Crow in the 21st Century’ along with multiple comments about gun control.

    • Lyle: “I believe that you and Kevin are saying that the left has the characteristics of a religion, but I’m saying that they are in fact, at their command and control level at least, quite religious.”

      No, Lyle. I am, in fact, stating that they are religious fundamentalists, but their God is power over others, and their heaven is a society that doesn’t question the Authority of the Church of State.

  4. He is correct in stating that they will kill us if the deem it necessary. Leftism…aka
    progressivism, socialism, communism etc. etc. has killed more unarmed citizens than ALL the soldiers killed in combat for the past century. They have zero qualms about exterminating people. And they are working feverishly to disarm all Americans so they can exterminate us.

  5. A specific branch of the leftist religion that shows these points very directly is the cult of warmism. It has its own prophet (Hansen), a number of high priests (Al Gore, John Kerry), and of course a very active Inquisition that stands ready to burn any heretics. (So far, they haven’t quite reached the point yet of using actual pyres just yet, but they certainly are willing and able to burn the careers of many of their enemies.)

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