5 thoughts on “It’s not gun nuts buying all the guns and ammo

  1. There is truth to that assertion. LOTS of people who up till a year or two ago
    didn’t think they needed a gun have suddenly realized that they actually might
    just need one….or more. And the “gun nuts” aren’t sitting around doing nothing
    either. Many of them are buying as much as they can afford or find. The current
    supply situation in regards to firearms and ammo is a “perfect storm” of consumer demand.

  2. Yep.

    The gun nuts are the reason it’s hard to find spare parts and reloading supplies.

    • I thought of it more as an investment. Some people bought bitcoin. And some people bought drugs and a feel good.. I bought ammo.
      And the next investment question will be. Which tastes better. An ETF? Or a can of Spam? Or what can I trade for each three years from now?

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