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How on earth is any of this possible? It certainly doesn’t fit the “it’s the guns” narrative. If it were “the guns,” then these hot spots would mostly overlap. There are a few overlaps (sorry Shreveport, sorry Coal Country) but most of the country exhibits the exact opposite behavior than we would expect from the “it’s the guns” hypothesis.

At this point, we’re inclined towards a simple explanation. Poor black folks have a gun homicide problem, while poor white folks have a gun suicide problem.

BJ Campbell
December 22, 2019
Geographic Evidence that Gun Deaths are Cultural
[Via brother Doug.

There is a lot more interesting information to pull from this article but it doesn’t lend itself to extracting an easy quote.—Joe]


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  1. It’s been pointed out in various places that gun control causes the means of suicide to change away from guns, but doesn’t materially affect the total suicide rate. So I’m wondering if the maps in that article would look an different if you mapped “suicide” rather than “gun suicide”.

  2. That is the logical end result of a constant subversion attack on the dominant white culture of western civilization, marginalizing men and whites in every way possible, while constantly both enacting policies setting up blacks for failure why telling them they are victims of systematic oppression by ordinary folks. Make one group feel helpless, make the other lash out. All part of the biggest and longest-running psy-op ever.

    But things may start changing soon.

    • In other words, the Protestant Reformation, having abandoned and then forgotten its own principles, has been surrendered back to Rome.

      I’m now frequently being reminded, for example, that the quickest way to piss off a Lutheran is to start quoting Martin Luther!

  3. I’m wondering how long it will be before we graduate from, “If the leftists understood, they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing so obviously we need to educate them” to “OK, they’re obviously evil, from their original intent to their organizing, planning and execution. They know exactly what they’re doing, they do it well, and they’ll never stop. Now what do we do about it”?

    But I wonder whether it’s possible at this stage. If we were ever going to graduate, surely we’d have had all the evidence necessary to make the conclusion by the 1930s. By then it had already been nearly a century since Marx began working on his Manifesto, and several hundred years since the Dark Ages in which the same doctrines ruled.

    While we’re talking about the unfortunate circumstance of critical failings of discernment (CFDs) in the world, we should remain focused on our own. For if we can’t see straight, and act accordingly, who will? Mote, meet beam, and all that.

    Right; so where are the indictments? Instead of arresting them we support them and let them control education and media, and pretty much everything else. It’s no wonder they’re getting more bold by the day– they’ve got us right where they want us: pissed off, confused and in denial.

  4. Perhaps guns are also really good at disposing of evidence?

    Inanimate objects with no nervous system can be fiendishly clever. Or so I’m told.

  5. I’ve been to the Autry Museum of the West in Los Angeles a few times, and each time I admire the Charles M. Russell painting Gene Autry bought, and peruse the Gun Room there. I also wonder where the dead bodies from the gun violence are, if guns are so dangerous. It is as some suggest. Death avoids places where it knows it might be outnumbered.

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