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  1. If self reliance is the enemy of the State, then the State must and will make a crime of self reliance to guarantee it’s survival. It has no choice.

  2. How much food do you have at home? More than a week?
    HOARDING! An enemy of the people, an enemy of the state, we have to give people ration books.
    The world has seen this happen before. At least once.

  3. Of course, no one is truly and completely self-reliant. Maybe the better word is “confident”.

    On the other hand, thinking, learning, interpreting things with your own God-given discernment, and acting on your acquired knowledge; this was once known as heresy, and it is distinguished from the blind acceptance of the doctrines, beliefs and practices given to you by the man called Vicarivs Filii Dei. That’s the original Latin spelling, with the old letter V also serving the purpose of our letter U. It means “Vicor of the Son of God” or in effect; “Vicariously, God”.

    That’s right; we are dealing with an ancient poison in the world, which has changed its spots now and then, but has never changed its doctrines, ideals or goals. We’re dealing with people who will see themselves worshiped and obeyed as gods, and kill anyone who thinks and acts according to his own understanding of things (any heretic).

    And so it’s really not so much about “reliance” per se, which refers to one’s source of income or sustenance. Rather it’s about worship. It’s one thing to make a living off of the sweat of your brow and the innate creativity of your mind, honed by experience. That can be tolerated so long you acknowledge the presumed god-status of your worldly overlords and pay both tribute and due respect, openly.

    We all know how this has worked throughout history. The weak, fearful, ignorant and uninspired are no problem, regardless what they think. They’re easily controlled, but the confident, learned, inspired ones are the hard nuts to crack. They’re OK so long as they tow the party line, like Zuck and Gates, et al (they can be handy to have around), but let one of them say the wrong thing about the institutions of the god-king, and actually mean it, and worse yet; act on it, and it’s sizzle-fits for him unless he publicly recants.

    And so perhaps the word we should be using instead of “self-reliant” is “heretic” (or “heresy”). Let’s try it out;
    It’s true. Heresy is the enemy of the State.

    I think that works pretty well, don’t you? It harkens back to the good ol’ days of Roman supremacy (The Dark Ages) to which we, having given up the Reformation, are now reverting, and that brings forth not only a sense of historical connectedness and tradition, it gives us something special to look forward to. It reminds us of where we are in the stream of time, and thus adds a sense of security in the knowing.

    • If you doubt any of this, even a little bit, just do a quick internet search for “obama with a halo”, or “biden with a halo” or even “trump with a halo” and you’ll quickly see that we’re being invited to think of them as deities. The bodacious images of the pope we all know about already.

    • No one is truly self-reliant. Maybe it would be better to think of it as, “less dependent on the system” or “able to function largely outside of formal/usual channels.” Confidence is important, and may play a role, but I don’t think it’s the only ingredient in the recipe.

      I could never do it (at least, not very well). You could hand me the keys to a 2000 acre ranch with a lake & a trout stream, but it wouldn’t work out long term because I don’t have the people skills or the mechanical aptitude.

    • The writer of the article makes a lot of mistakes. The least obvious one is he is wrong saying McVeigh used ANFO. It was AN and nitromethane.

      Other minor mistakes:

      1) On the licensing required. If you can pass a background check you can get a User of Explosives permit. Download this form, fill it out, send it in your $100, and you can go to your local explosives dealer and purchase whatever type of explosive you requested the permit for.

      2) ANFO is not cast into prills (and it’s “prill”, not “pril”). AN fertilizer is manufactured into prills (approximates a sphere a little smaller than a BB).

      3) ANFO, if it degrades, is not particularly rapid in losing it’s ability to go boom. Maybe over the course of a few months. But certainly not days.

      3) I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a pure TNT explosion. Frequently they put very fine aluminum powder in it to consume the excess oxygen it produces. Hence, without an additional fuel TNT would have left over oxygen and almost for certain NOT produce soot. With Al as commercially produced? Probably a clean burn without soot.

      4) Homemade ANFO and Tannerite could easily be “terror weapons”. Tannerite is ease detonate with a rifle bullet. It will detonate ANFO. Combine them and you have an easy remote detonation system and bomb.

      I’ve not watched the videos. But from the descriptions I’m guessing black powder.

      Something you probably won’t find elsewhere…

      One of the hypothesis’s being explored by the investigators (I have my sources): “The motive had to do with 5G cell service.” This is highly speculative and they aren’t talking about it in the news because they don’t want copycats. There have been somewhat disturbing number of cell towers damaged or destroyed because of the belief 5G causes or contributes to COVID and/or other diseases. The speculation is this is stepping up the game because of the AT&T building damage.

      • Hopefully one day we will get an honest corp. of engineers report.
        Has anyone seen the crater?
        As for the motorhome. The back part being fiberglass would have surely burnt up. But the frame and such should be scattered about.
        And getting one’s hands on that much black powder would seem a chore?
        Lot’s of questions we will almost never get answers to.
        And isn’t self-reliance on our part the only way a government can work? If everyone quits taking care of themselves, then government has nothing to steal/tax?
        But yes, being more self reliant is always a good thing. As rarely will government be prepared to help in anything. Ever.
        The problem I see is they get jealous if you can take care of yourself.

        • Long ago, when I was gainfully employed and worked for Gigantic Aerospace Corp., one of my coworkers was active in Civil War reenactments. He was affiliated with a cannon squad, or whatever the correct term would be. He got questioned by FBI agents because to them, he seemed to be buying an excessive amount of black powder, which is an explosive, not a propellant. I heard this after the fact and second hand, so he was not arrested, and was able to continue his pre-cosplay cosplay hobby.
          That much black powder would be noticed by the PTB. Whether it was black powder, and whether the PTB knew about the purchases and did nothing are open questions, I believe

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