Quote of the day—President-Elect Brandon Morse @TheBrandonMorse

I feel like our society has separated into two groups.

The one group that says “leave me and alone and I’ll leave you alone,” and the group that says “obey me or else.”

President-Elect Brandon Morse @TheBrandonMorse
Tweeted on November 18, 2020

This probably could be extended with:

Leave me alone or else.

We live in interesting times.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—President-Elect Brandon Morse @TheBrandonMorse

  1. “Leave me alone, or else”. Spot on. Joe. What’s the odd’s they actually will?

  2. Yeah, that separation happened around 1860 or thereabouts, and we’ve never done anything about the perpetrators. They surrendered, and we let them just go home, in our own country, so they could regroup and continue the fight. It’s never stopped.

    We’ve never done anything about it, and therefore, of course, the problem has only grown since. Now it’s global and there’s no more United States left to deal with it.

    Tip; if it should ever come about that they’re forced to surrender again, kick them out, and make sure they never emerge in our country again.

    But of course that will never happen because we don’t understand who “they” are. Therefore we’ve lost already, and that loss took place generations ago.

    All we’re seeing now are the inevitable results of having given up the Protestant Reformation and gone along with the Jezebels of the world.

    Only a rekindling and resurgence of the Reformation would turn that around. And it too would be bloody as the Romish left would go nuts in a killing frenzy like never before. Even then, most Americans, including most who consider themselves “conservatives”, even “Christian conservatives”, would reject the Reformation. (RINOS; Reformers In Name Only– see; you never knew what the fight has been about for the last 500 years, did you?)

    We almost had ’em licked after Napolean banned ’em in 1798, but then we all just took a break and got on with our lives. Then Mussolini, leader of the Fascisti, reinstated them in 1929 and it’s been a steady race downhill since.

    The Dialectic (of Republican verses Democrat, or in the broader sense; “conservative” verses “liberal”) is so firmly imbedded in our public psyche that the best we can do now is choose one path to certain failure over the other path to certain failure. So while we’re trying to catch our balance, not knowing where all these “cultural mortar shells” are coming from, or who is supplying them, the enemy is kicking butt and taking names.

    • Or to put it another way we’re doing a live reenactment of the primeval story of the Grasshopper and the Ant. Only now we’re now at an impasse where the Grasshoppers are demanding that the Ants join the Grasshoppers and the Ants are still saying that they just want to be left alone.

      The root of the problem is that the Ants have been so successful that the Grasshoppers no longer see any need to be even a little bit productive. And now the Grasshoppers think that they are the Gods with no need for the Ants.

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