5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Aesop

  1. Just wait and see what happens when it becomes apparent Trump won the election.
    That being said, even if there was no Trump. The communists would still be angling to take America down. A free, honorable, healthy, middle class just cannot be tolerated!

  2. “A full-blown all-out civil war to extinction between ideologies is the last thing I want.”

    But it is unfortunately necessary. There are no choices remaining that don’t lead to our utter destruction as a nation and as a people.

  3. It is unfortunately inevitable if we keep pretending that this is one country which makes any fight one for all the marbles. The way out is to acknowledge that the unified country is gone and get on with the National Divorce. This will be the case no matter which side wins the current battle. Half the country will regard the outcome as illegitimate.

  4. Historically,the march of socialism (actually the march of state control; it has nothing to do with fairness or anything like that) has been on the rise since 1917. It has flared up here and there, taken a foothold in China and other nations, and has been angling for the US with a great amount of effort since Clinton. We are seeing the maturation of the conspiracy in what is going on at present.

    The lure of socialism to the leadership class is that their control becomes absolute with little chance of their losing their status. They sell the illusion of social fairness to the masses with eloquent speeches about the oceans starting to fall and all people arm in arm but in reality this is all lip service or as Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan used to say ‘Boob Bait for Bubbas’. Once the people agree to voting socialism into power they will agree to anything that they are asked to for the sake of the movement or the safety of the people or to promote ‘fairness’. That is when our freedoms will start to disappear.

    This movement is not going away. There is too much power and money at stake for people like Pelosi and Schumer and their junior acolytes AOC etal to stop trying.

    While our system has its flaws and definitely has a government bureaucracy that is way too bloated and has too much control, the socialist agenda would be the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. We would lose any shred of self determination and personal freedom as they tighten up the controls over the options we have in our lives.

    There will be a Civil War II and it is a matter of WHEN and not IF. Better to have this happen before we are disarmed by the liberals. That way we will suffer a lot fewer casualties and the way will be over much sooner.

    • The only thing I disagree with is: ‘disarmed by the liberals’

      Disarmed by the Liberals?

      Just me, but I don’t see all these people buying all those guns this year (not to mention all the people who have been doing the same for the past several decades in steadily increasing numbers) planning on doing a 180 and turning them in to .gov or whoeverTF else may think they can come by and simply collect them.

      But if they do want them, they can come and get them.

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