If they think Trump was bad…

I think it was Glenn Reynolds who said, paraphrasing, “We have Trump for president because they wouldn’t listen to us. If they don’t listen to us now they will like what comes next even less.”

Here’s a hint of what comes next:


A banded group of brothers and sisters to show America who runs the country

The Facebook group now has over 44K members.

I you don’t want to join the Facebook group you can find out more about the group here. The bottom line is:

President Trump has worked diligently for four long years to protect the rights and freedoms of all Americans, and very importantly the blue-collar workers of this country. The blue-collar workers are literally the ones that make the wheels turn! Without truck drivers this country could not survive for long.

We will STOP ALL TIRES for 24 hours on Veterans Day 11/11/20. If this is not effective and our leaders do not respect that blue-collar truck drivers are having to face domestic terrorism, primarily in democrat run cities all over the United States, and that we do not support the banning of fracking in any way, then we will have our second STOP OF TIRES for FOUR full days 11/26/20-11/29/20.

We are calling for all patriots to share this all over the country. We may not last long on Facebook, but please do not be deterred, and continue to share this on any social media or other outlets, that you have available to you.

I”m not sure how they will determine if they are effective in the reversal of the stated policy to ban fracking two months before a Biden/Harris administration takes office. Regardless, I support their sentiment and wish them success.

H/T to Chet for the email.


12 thoughts on “If they think Trump was bad…

  1. Increasing one’s ‘number of exemptions’ by a couple digits would effectively strip a great deal of money out of the Federal coffers. “Fuck You February” has a nice alliteration to it.

    • They just borrow or print more and then fine you if you are outside the IRS parameters. Need a more effective tactic.

      • You’d be surprised at the panic that would ensue if revenue dropped by a single digit percentage. They can’t crank up the t-bill sales or print more cash until they see the 1st month’s take. Then they have to decide why it happened and then what to do about it. Meanwhile, the working half of the country starts over-paying their withholding to get back into the correct ANNUAL amount. There’s no rules about _when_ the money gets paid as long as you W/H within $500 by the time you file.

        • If there would be a financial panic it would have occurred by now. If someone figured out how to crash the derivatives market, that could be a game changer.

          I am intrigued with the idea of changing your W-4 every month which at a minimum would screw with revenue estimating.

  2. Lorry drivers blocking roads, particularly at bottlenecks near critical facilities like refineries, is something that has been used in England for political effect.

    At the moment, they’re just proposing a work stoppage. With a good plan, they’d be in a position to cripple transportation around a major city for a few days just by parking trailers in inconvenient places.

    • French do that with some regularity too. They have been known to park their semis on runways and train tracks in addition to chokepoints on the highways. US has more and better roads so it would be easier to route around. On the other hand, several enemy strongholds have significant water barriers that gum things up on a good day.

  3. There are current posting on twitter under the hash tags #truckerstrike, #trucking, #truckers, and #TruckersForTrump.

    Trucker, you can break commie metros easily – fast.
    No food, fuel, toilet paper, or Tampax delivered to commie metro areas.
    Truckers organize leaderlessly on CB Ch. 19;
    Empty shelves & panic buying begin in a week. #trucking #truckers #TruckersForTrump

  4. Truck strikes can do some real damage. But I can’t help but think proving election fraud, and giving Trump four more years. BLM will do it for them.
    No matter. Weeding out the communist at this point is going to be a long row to hoe.

  5. Sigh… Like everything else over these last four years, as of now (2:30 PT) it appears that this event is not having an impact. Searches have not turned up anything and I don’t see any mention on any of the major sites. And on twitter its just a few people talking about the possibilities.

    Are we just too ‘comfortable’ to upset the apple cart, even if the apples are rotten?

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