Achievement unlocked!

It was almost 13 years ago I said I wanted this:


A friend with a laser engraver made the above samples for me.

In some respects it would be better if the message were engraved on the ogive of the bullet rather than the base. You could then see the message after the bullet is loaded.

Of course the acquaintances of the bullet recipient would be less likely to get the message than if the message were on the base. It all depends on your end goal. Either is possible. And in production the message would be far better centered.

My friend is contemplating engraving messages on bullets as a service. Is there any interest out there?

Because of the number of bullet manufactures, styles, calibers, and weights you would select and purchase your bullets from your usual supplier, then pay for shipping in both directions as well as a fee for engraving.


12 thoughts on “Achievement unlocked!

  1. I’d like some microstamping on a round. One inch tall letters. The entire Declaration of Independence. Yeah, my friend little friends from Missouri and New Jersey want them. I’m sure they would get noticed. 🙂

    • It took me a while!

      I was having trouble with reconciling the one inch tall letters engraved on a single round. The clues of MI and NJ finally sunk in.

  2. It looks interesting, but am I the only one who can’t read it?

    A friend who worked in artillery (now deceased) told me of the “propaganda rounds” they could fire. They consisted of a special artillery shell, packed with leaflets. At the selected flight time (distance) the shell would upset, dispersing said leaflets.

    Would THAT be considered a “destructive device” under NFA ’34? Of course nowadays speech is considered “violence”, right? Certainly there are those who would consider the Declaration of Independence to be “hate speech” and thus “violence”.

    • It says, “Μολὼν λαβέ.”

      It’s almost impossible to read in the picture unless you know what it says, then you can sort of see it. I assumed people would follow the link to read the background story.

      With good light and a magnifying glass it’s readable on the bullet. I probably took ten pictures seven different ways and couldn’t do better than this. Sorry about that.

      • I like the variation that showed up on Neil Smith’s blog: “Μολὼν λαβέ μητροκοίτης”. It took me a while with the dictionary to puzzle out that last word. Hint: the English is 4 syllables, 1st one starts with m, third one starts with f.

        Of course you may need a larger calibre round to fit that much text. 🙂

    • It’s only conservative speech that is considered violence. Leftist violence, as we have seen since May, is considered speech and is thereby protected.

  3. 2A4U, or “TTTYD”, Take this to your doctor! You could add an A to the end of it for effect?
    Good thing I’m poor!

  4. Lyle, it’s in the Greek lettering, right? I tried to get my reading glasses before figuring that out.

    I’d probably be interested to order a batch at some point even though I’ve not yet started reloading.

  5. A bullet may have your name on it, a mortar shell is marked ‘Current Resident’, and artillery is labeled ‘CC: All’… 😀

  6. I suppose “Smile. Wait for flash” would be too many letters to fit on there, yes? 🙂

  7. I have a ball cap with Molon Lave on it in red letters.
    I got it from what my uncle would have called “The Gettin’ Place”, nowadays, the Internet.

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