Ammo matters

The group below was at 100 yards with some old FMJ ammo found in a magazine using a red dot 1X scope on the cheapest AR upper I could buy:


This is with everything the same except the ammo:


This is the same ammo with a precision rifle using a 14.5 X scope. This is 10 rounds with the last two, and possibly three rounds flying to the right after the wind came up:


It is a handloaded 55 grain match grade bullet. In two rifles with 24” barrels it achieved 3,140 and 3,156 fps at the muzzle with standard deviations of 14.4 and 14.2 fps. With the cheap, short (18”?) barrel it came out of the muzzle at 2,943 fps with a standard deviation of 37.0 fps.

This is a load that works well in three very different rifles. I’m extremely pleased.


4 thoughts on “Ammo matters

  1. “This is a [mystery] load that works well in three very different rifles.”


    And this is my favorite casserole recipe too. Yum yum (as I eat it in front of you I’m not going to give it you unless you beg)!

    And do your barrels of different lengths have twist rates? You call them “rifles” so we can assume they’re not smooth bores. (Although there are long arms referred to as “smooth rifles”).

    • I echo the sentiment, Lyle. But , It’s a load that works in three different rifles. Since semi’s require external dimensions to be pretty uniform. It would have to be an OCW load. (Optimum Charge Weight) load.
      And those are fairly easy to work up on your own. The older Sierra bullet manuals used to have an accuracy load, and a hunting load at the bottom of the page.
      In about 85 to 90% of the time that accuracy load was about a 100FPS down from the max. of the listed powder/bullet combo.. It’s and good point to work up to with any caliber/powder/bullet.
      In this day of shortages. Whatever components one has already is going to be more suitable than getting a load recipe from a master class reloader.
      That being said. What the hell, Joe? Your kill’in us down here!

    • I was deliberately vague because this ammo was specifically crafted for use in anti-social environments where lawful use of deadly force in defense of innocent life and property may be prosecuted in defiance of explicit law protecting individuals who do so.

      That the ammo turned out so pleasingly accurate was somewhat of a bit of luck. Although I did do my best to maximize the “luck”.

      If someone wishes to know more ask me the next time we meet face-to-face.

      Yes, they have twist rates. And while I’m not sure of one of the twist rates I know that two of them have radically different twists.

      • On a side note. Your weather station at Lenore shows up good on my OnX map program!
        Currently 10 mph NW. and 33 degrees with snow. Thanks!

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