Quote of the day—Angelo Codevilla

Race (and sex, etc.) is yet another set of excuses for transferring power to the ruling class. The oligarchy is no more concerned about race than it is about education, or environmentalism, or sex, or anything else. It is about yet more discretionary power in the hands of its members, for whom not all blacks (or women, or whatevers) are to be advantaged—only the ones who serve ruling class purposes. In education, employment, and personnel management, co-opting compatible, non-threatening colleagues is the objective. As Joseph Biden put it succinctly: if you don’t vote for him, “you ain’t black.” A ruling class of ever-decreasing quality is a result.

Angelo Codevilla
September 23, 2020
Revolution 2020
[Via Kevin.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Angelo Codevilla

  1. My observation is what I call the psychotic ex syndrome. It stems from people who’s lives are so out of control. Their only comfort is in controlling everyone and thing around them. And making/telling any lie that comes to mind in order to maintain that control. Demanding you believe and act on the lie. But only in their approved manner.
    Personal cost to you be damned.
    I believe it was the Marque Da Sade that said if murdering a 100 people gave you no more pleasure than a good meal. By all means you should do it!
    In all these people we see a lack of empathy for their fellows. Physical/mental laziness. Coupled with an insatiable desire for emotion.
    When it finally gets to the government stage. We find the usurpation of the divine right of kings.
    And as Mr.Codevilla points out. It has nothing to do helping anyone. One finds oneself paralyzed in marvel. The outcomes being so obvious. And yet. BOHICA seem to be the future, again.

    • That’s a good metaphor. My thought was of Rod Steiger’s character when he abruptly turns up again in Dr. Zhivago. He says that he has no illusions, he is still alive because he is useful to the rulers alive.
      There is no intrinsic value for other humans in these people, and nothing that commands them to respect human life. It has happened too often in human history. The American system of governance and beliefs have been able to keep it at bay only so long, and you are right, BOHICA.

  2. Joe, You , as many others did me a great turn a few years back when I lost one child and was in the process of losing another. I have never forgotten the kindness of strangers and if I can return the favor, I would be more than happy to. My best regards and stay safe in these dangerous times

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