Facebook banishment

Last night I received a message from Barron:

Janelle and I just got permanently banned on FB. No possible appeal, no idea why.

And I mean at the same time. It was working for both of us this morning and then the traffic of me being gone started on the side channel. Janelle went to look and she was logged out and they said her account was disabled.

This is weird. It’s not like Barron and Janelle had followings which could change election outcomes. Nor were they advocating terrorist activities (although they do have three small boys which might be considered terrorists if you were sleep deprived and they were being particularly active).

So, what could be the motivation for their simultaneous banishment? I have to think it was some sort of political issue. But without additional data it’s tough to test that hypothesis.

It’s happening to others too.


10 thoughts on “Facebook banishment

  1. It’s happening on both sides. The leader of the “White Allies for Black Americans” group has been put in FB jail several times over the past month, again with no explanation. The only assumption is that FB wants the political discussion to be mild, and “cancels” voices that get too uppity.

    Yay cancel culture!

    • Yup. It has some similarities.

      I’m also reminded of something Michael Bane once said to me (the wording may be a bit off but the sentiment is correct), “You and I won’t have to worry about fighting when it goes down. We will be arrested in the first wave.”

  2. Financial services.

    As to ridding ourselves of the enemy’s communications infrastructure, use government to destroy them. Individual action is simply not effective against the behemoth they have become.

  3. It’s social network analysis results. When you can map a social network and apply the math, you can identify the “critical nodes” that allow you seriously degrade or destroy the network by their simultaneous termination. Intel uses the system for the targeting of terrorists networks in COIN ops — you don’t have the kill the terrorists, you just kill/capture the critical nodes.

    The thing is, the critical nodes are not necessarily the ones that you intuitively assume are. They are the ones that do the actual linking, not necessarily the large public ones.

    They are deploying all of their assets.

    They are still going to lose.

    • The article didn’t say anything about being completely banished from Facebook. Just individual posts being restricted. And, the appeals panel doesn’t have to take your case.

      I’m not yet convinced it’s anything more than a ruse to let people think they have a chance of getting a fair deal.

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