It’s official

Via a private post on Facebook: On July 26, 2016 Obama was briefed on an intelligence report that Hillary Clinton had approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against candidate Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians’ hacking of the DNC:


This is not conclusive evidence that it actually happened. Just that the Russians probably believed it happened. But, assuming it is true and there is conclusive evidence…

Obama knew. It’s official.

The question in my mind is now, “What are the list of crimes these people committed by doing this?” Conspiracy to commit libel and slander look plausible. Surely there are more serious offenses, right?


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    • It all seems very predictable. We hear of wrongdoing, then somebody is asked to look into it, and then nothing. Over, over, and over.

  1. If you as an ordinary civilian were to make campaign of innuendo and lies, then yes, what you said would apply. But because it used the apparatus of government (FBI and CIA at the very least) and the resources they could potentially bring to bear, there are a whole raft of malfeasance, misfeasance, and civil rights violation laws as the very minimum. Depending on what exactly got said by whom, and who else was involved, it also could be sedition and treason.

    While what the Joe above said has been true for too long, I have a feeling that the wheels of justice might finally be turning around far enough that we normies will live to see it done.

    • It can’t be treason. Treason has a very specific and narrow definition under the Constitution. It requires actual open warfare (declared or undeclared). There are two cases: When you are actively conducting war against the United States (ie., domestic insurrection), or you’re aiding a foreign power that is in open warfare with the United States.

      Neither applies here.

    • the real benefit to the Russians and Putin has always been “Let’s you and him fight”, and “with such divisiveness in your elections, how can you trust the results? Your institutions are corrupt.”
      They’ve been very successful at that.
      When we’re fighting among ourselves, we can’t be watching what Russia is doing in Africa or South America or South Asia.
      Having one of the two major political parties actively subverting the national institutions doesn’t hurt, either.

    • So you consider creatures of the deep swamp making statements clearly calculated to cover their own butts (which are increasingly obviously getting more and more exposed, on both parties) to be credible sources.

      How quaint.

    • Hey Johnny! Crawl back out of a hole to cover for your commie friends?
      Truth be known what little bullshit that gets leaked is less than a tenth of the actual criminality that went on during Obama/Biden/Clinton years.They should all be in jail by now. And anyone who doesn’t know that. Ain’t paying attention.
      The only real question is do you want us to consider you evil? Or just a useful idiot? No matter, penalties the same.
      Maybe you can help me out. What’s the Jewish term for communist dips–t?

        • Sorry Joe. I will endeavor to be more fact based in my comments toward your other guests.
          Even if he is an egg sucking commie.

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