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Biden appeared to be gassed by having to just get through his DNC speech. The rigors of even a modified campaign trail aren’t going to do him any favors. English might actually be his second language before Halloween gets here, with Gibberish being the first.

Stephen Kruiser
September 1, 2020
The Morning Briefing: Media Won’t Be Able to Prop Up Drooling Train Wreck Biden for 2 More Months
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Stephen Kruiser

  1. Biden always was a gaff machine. “Just shoot that shotgun off the porch, that will scare ’em away!”. But now he is the perfect empty shell. Rubber stamp if will, that was ever created.
    To me the reality of this is that Trump was going to win all along. They know that. Just look at his crowd draw compared to anyone else’s? So it’s not a big loss anyway. But if they can steal this election?
    Obama and co. will be right back in the white house. Biden will be using the same staff that Obama/Clinton used to such great destruction. Green lighting total Maoist control with no one to blame but a senile moron.
    Was this the plan all along? I don’t think so. But why not go for it?
    Hillary is now telling joe not to concede under any circumstance. Operation Mirage anyone? Well organized rioters screaming for change! (To what, no one will say). And truck loads of after the fact ballots ready to be cast for old Joe.
    And don’t think for a minute the prospect of pulling this off doesn’t put a thrill up their leg. This would be the crown jewel of coups. For them, and what they want to do.They couldn’t find a better candidate than Joe Biden. Think American Libya. With nothing/no one to stop their world order. Or ever threaten their power again.
    And if they lose? So what? It’s not likely anyone big is going to jail anytime soon.

    • They’re already priming the public to accept a Biden win with notions that just because Trump won on election day, all the mail in ballots won’t be fully counted until a few days after. Of course those ballots will be fraudulent (the dead always rise to vote democrat), so they’re hoping to steal the election using false words.

      Real question is; will anyone really buy it this time? Things have never been this insane before…

    • How can they lose? We have already lost our ability to have a peaceful transition of power.

      Our Bolsheviks are already planning roadblocks and legal challenges along with a media blitz to ensure that Trump cannot win. And in the event that Trump somehow remains in the White House, he will never be their president so the revolution will continue and increase in intensity.

  2. We all know where this country is going, regardless who wins this or any other national election.

    Give me a break; how many Americans (to say nothing of the power structures already in place) would ever even tolerate an America fully committed to her original principles of liberty? The Americans of the immediate post revolution period weren’t themselves fully dedicated to those principles of liberty. How many Americans today even so much as have an idea of what an un-compromised America would look like? Certainly no Democrat, and certainly no Republican, alive today would ever tolerate an America restored to her full libertarian principles.

    So all we are ever arguing about is the speed and fervor with which we descend into a Romanesque, totalitarian authoritarianism.

    Forgive me then if I don’t get terribly excited over the election this time.

    • The problem with not excited about this election is that decent into totalitarian authoritarianism will be so quick. I kind of wanted to live out my years in perspective peace.(These are the good old days).
      Alas, someone lit you fuse, with me still in the building. Damn the luck, man!

    • Painting with a pretty wide brush there Lyle. I don’t care what you say about what you will or won’t tolerate or recognize. But don’t go telling me what I will or won’t accept. A return to the basic principles this country was founded upon is the dream of many. I respect your opinions and your faith, but do not discount everyone who may see things slightly differently than you. In the Father’s house are many mansions.

  3. It could be argued that Biden is the near perfect politician. He’s still fairly handsome, he loves status, and will be easy to control. Just keep him drugged up enough with stimulants that he’ll be able to seem coherent enough for the next two months, such that the Democrat base will be able to support him (and we know that’s not a high bar to clear). Anyway, his gaffs and glitches will be sold as endearing evidence of his humanity. I see no problem there.

    • Aspiration pneumonia as campaign strategy. Kamala Harris’s stalking horse. Unless he collapses in the middle of his inaugural speech, a la the movie “Dave”, I predict sometime in March. Maybe April but I don’t think Kamala and Biden’s handlers want to wait that long.

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