Quote of the day—Andrew Pollack

After my daughter’s murder, the media didn’t seem interested in the facts, so I found them myself. I learned that gun control laws didn’t fail my daughter, people did.

Andrew Pollack
August 25, 2020
‘Gun Control Laws Didn’t Fail My Daughter, People Did,’ Says Father of Parkland Shooting Victim
[Media interested in the facts? That’s funny! Really, really funny.

Remember how CNN portrayed Nick Sandmann?

That’s just one of the more famous examples. The media will publish things with single sentences having a half dozen factual errors in it without blushing.—Joe]


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  1. Someone dubbed them the “Marxist Media”, the other day. We should make it stick.
    When it’s so bad that they can call the RNC speakers anything but good. At the same time the DNC feels comfortable putting the likes of Donna Hylton on as guess speaker? Someone who kidnapped, tortured, and murdered an old man? Were talking plyers on his testicles. And raped to death with a steel pipe. And they feel comfortable putting her up to get votes for Biden?
    The word media no longer applies. And propogandist doesn’t seem to cover it.
    In a just society one could buy a tag to hunt these things as an “invasive species”.

  2. You know, Joe, when the media quotes someone, I expect them to report exactly what that person said — and then I can check whatever claims they have made for myself. So your example of erroneous information presented by a clearly biased interview *subject* is not on-target

    Blaming the media for the laziness of most news consumers is off-target. Take ’em to task when they get the facts wrong or misrepresent them (as in the Sandmann incident), sure, but you don’t have a leg to stand on when all they are doing is quoting a source.

    • Would the reporter have quoted some incredibly sexist/racist source and let stand numerous “facts” quoted which falsely disparaged the targeted minority?

      I would expect the reporter to get a spokesman for “the other side” to comment or check the facts against some website, even Wikipedia, and point out the discrepancies rather than let grossly inaccurate information stand as truth.

      Is my expectation unrealistic?

      • I’ve been “quoted” in local media myself, more than once. Each time they got it wrong, and put quotations marks around it! I was right there with the reporter, watching him take notes as I responded to his questions, and then he took those notes back to his office and re-wrote them to fit his desired version of the story. In other words; they’re liars. Professional liars. Nothing more. And some appear to be quite literally retarded, some of them are masters at it.

        Roberta X; Most people know Marxist agitation, “Anti-Colonialist” propaganda when they see it. While there was a time when most people could absorb media hype and not necessarily know truth from falsity because they were more subtle at it, pretending to be objective, it has now become impossible for all but the most pathologically, intentionally unaware to deny that we have no real media, but political advocacy only. Further; it is entirely possible, and indeed quite a common tactic, to use “quote mining”, which is to cherry-pick a quotation out of context, with the intent of making the person quoted appear to be saying something he is not, or to lead the audience, via insinuation, to come to a conclusion which does not fit reality. We see it/hear it every single time we read or hear national media. It is nothing whatsoever but narrative fabrication and narrative reinforcement.

        And after all, in order to concentrate and centralize power, truth must be NOT be allowed to carry the day. And so the job of media is to promote anything BUT the truth, and they will proudly do it, thinking themselves as pragmatists and professionals. It gets to the point, and now is, where media professionals can do nothing else, for reporting facts as facts and truth as truth would be to jeopardize not only their careers but their social standing. To “take one for the team” (be caught in a bold face fraud) as Dan Rather did is now to be considered a hero for the cause.

        If they told me that fire is hot and that water is wet, I would know immediately that they were up to something especially devious, for all of the best lies in the world contain at least some element of truth! Best therefore is to pay them no attention whatsoever, but that’s a difficult order to follow when they’re shouting from the rooftops, doing their best to demolish all semblance of polite society.

        • My brothers, Leftists both, and their Stalinist wives would not recognize Marxist anti-colonialist propaganda even if, or more accurately, especially if, it were labeled as such. In fact anything that does not toe the Marxist line in economics, history, or political science is dismissed out of hand as hateful, or, as Dennis Prager puts it, Sexist, Islamophobic, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Intolerant, Racist, or Bigoted. They know their businesses, but they know nothing of the cultural and legal foundations that make it possible for their businesses to be successful here, and not in the countries their wives came from. They think that, “Unlike the Republicans, We have reasons for our positions” (to quote one brother).
          They don’t have the educational background to understand the arguments for and against any position they have. They know the “Two Minutes of Hate” response given to them by the media and nothing more.

          Lyle, “[A]ll of the best lies in the world contain at least some element of truth”. A book I read some fifty years ago had a saying in it, “A truth that’s told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.” This has stayed with me all these years.

        • Lyle, your conceptualization of “the media” and assignment of general motives to persons working in it is so far from the reality as to make further discussion impossible.

  3. the media doesn’t care…once put on the screen, or said, it’s “gospel”…doesn’t matter if it’s true or not…and if called out, they say they misspoke or it’s a tech’s fault…they do it on purpose and they get away with it because no one holds them accountable…just like all these teachers that put out these f’ed up lessons…only after the outrage does anything happen and they don’t do shit to the teacher unless it’s a conservative…we waited to long to make people pay…it’s the norm now

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  5. The media is only interested in facts if they are, as Viktor Komarovsky, played by Rod Steiger in Dr. Zhivago, said about himself and his life, they are useful to the party and its goals of the moment.

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