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Western culture, which developed organically over at least the two and half millennia, starting from Greco-Roman philosophers, is not easy to duplicate. This culture requires thrift, honesty, hard work, liberty, individuality, dispassionate reason, objective justice, loyalty, honor, stoicism, a desire to rise above oneself, and many other factors that perhaps cannot be seen or isolated but must be absorbed subliminally in all their complex interactions. These are reflected in social, religious, and political structures of the West — the three independent branches of government, the rule of law, compassion for others, charity, family system, etc.

The West and East Asia, including China, comprise a mere 2.5 billion people.

“The Rest,” the Third World, comprises 5 billion out of 7.5 billion people on the planet. The cultural factors underpinning the West sound like clichés until one who gives up political correctness for the truth starts to see that the Third World, despite its several centuries of interactions with the West, simply fails to understand them.

The Third World is blind to what makes the West a civilization. It is as if the Third World cannot rise above animal instincts — craving for food, power over others, sex, and for the material.

Jayant Bhandari
June 24, 2020
The Decline of the Third World
[Via email from Chet.

I have three children. Each of them exhibited personality traits in the first few hours after birth that they still exhibit 30+ years later. I’ve seen an insane, counter productive, behavior by a mother regarded as profoundly brilliant by her children. Then as years passed this behavior gradually blossomed as self-destructive behaviors (literally culminating in multiple suicide attempts) by one of those children despite repeated attempts, over many years, by her spouse to get her professional help. The help was not only refused as unnecessary, it was vigorously asserted it was the spouse who was in need of professional help and behavior modification.

I’m convinced there are aptitudes and personality traits hardwired in the brain which destines certain genetic lines to aspire for, and literally reach, the stars. And other genetic lines which lack the capacity to grasp rational thought or fully understand numbers, let alone arithmetic and math.

These people can’t be reasoned with. They can’t be taught. If those who aspire for the stars are serious about their goals, or even avoiding being dragged into and out of sight into the mud, they must make some uncomfortable decisions very soon.—Joe]


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  1. “I’m convinced there are aptitudes and personality traits hardwired in the brain which destines certain genetic lines to aspire for, and literally reach, the stars. And other genetic lines which lack the capacity to grasp rational thought or fully understand numbers, let alone arithmetic and math.”

    Multiply that by thousands of years and you get the different races.

    • Indeed. The typical Germanic tribesman who faced Caesar in Gaul wasn’t the same as today’s typical German citizen. It took two thousand bloody years of warfare, plague, privation, climate changes, invasion, intense religious debate and strife to change them. About a hundred generations of selective pressure, and those who didn’t have the organization, self-discipline, intelligence, restraint, patience, and work-ethic died off. You can’t impost that sort of change in a mere century or two. Civilizations are as much biological (nature) as they are the institutions (nurture). A German sitting on a throne in Rome was still a Germanic tribesman, even if he wore the purple trappings of the emperor. Why should we expect different with immigrants today? Would you switch to wiping with your left hand if you moved to Mauritania? Or would you find a way to make or import toilet paper?

      • The English ruthlessly executed or banished petty criminals for three hundred years before Victorian society took hold.

        • Yes. And the murder rate of blacks here in the US was much lower in 1900 than it is today. (Yes the data is sketchy, as stats were not collected and consolidated as efficiently as today, but from what research I can find, there was more “rough justice,” but also a lot less crime / murder because of that very fact. No, I’m not arguing that Reconstruction was a Golden Time for blacks in the South – but they appear to have had a much lower chance of getting lynched or straight up murdered than they do today in someplace with a black mayor like Chicago, Baltimore, or DC).

          • Speaking of murder rates, an interesting tidbit I saw a while ago (in Lott’s writing?) was that the “wild west” wasn’t all that wild, especially compared with other parts of the country. Heinlein’s law applied: with ubiquitous guns, crime was kept relatively low. The case in point that was mentioned was two working class towns, New Bedford MA and Lead CO. Lead had a much lower rate of violent crime. The only real difference between the two is that in Lead most people were armed, and in New Bedford they were not.

  2. Joe, You wascist! How dare you look at the world in the clear light of objective truth? Then have temerity to make a judgement as to how to act on it? Well all I can say is, bravo! As the writer points out. That’s one of the ways you can tell the difference between the first and third world.
    Propaganda is to force us to except the lie, and feel powerless to change it.
    One thing I’ve noticed. Third worlders, regardless of color. Can’t seem to take a joke. The smallest slights will get you into trouble with them. It works well. Get five or more third worlders in an open group and tell them a joke about something they do. Or point out something stupid they do. See how it turns out.
    Do the same thing to Americans, You’ll get a laugh.
    It works so well, it could be an ICE litmus test for deportations. Which to me is the answer. If you consider yourself a ———,American. And can’t take a joke. You get shipped to ——-, country.

    • Oh ya, I tried to explain the term “oxymoron”, to a bar full of drunk rednecks once. With basically the same result. So the theory is empirically proven none racial.

    • I realize you are being sarcastic but I’ll treat it as if there was a hint of truth in your claim of “Joe, You wascist!”

      All of my personal examples of irrational behavior were about white people. So, if this is a racist blog post then I’m prejudiced against whites.

      • Shear ass-clownery on my part, Joe. Not meant to offend you. It was as you surmised, sarcastically pointing out the over/improper use of the term in today’s world.

  3. Not only are these ideas not widely accepted, but they are called hate speech by the party of science, and as such those ideas cannot even be considered – that too is considered hate speech They still believe in the blank slate theory and blame the environment, sexism, and racism for any bad behavior they see. They have become the party of victims and abandon the core principles of science – if they can imagine it then it must be real.

    The party of science also rejects the concept of the unknowable and belive that knobs exist that can be dialed to achieve any result that they so desire. They call it socialism

  4. Joe, I never thought about civilization this way. That it takes thousands of years with constant neverending pressure to weed out base impulses that are counterproductive. This… is really something to think about.

    That’s right, a random blog post just expanded my horizons. Thank you.

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