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Capitalism is all about inequity. Communism is about equity. By its nature, capitalism is racist, sexist, discriminatory vs religion, creed and behavior other than greed. It’s easily observed that race and wealth are linked. Capitalism abuses the minority.

Got Doubt @GotDoubt
Tweeted on July 10, 2020
[If we ran the numbers I wouldn’t be surprised if communism actually does achieve a closer approximation to equality of outcome. Hundreds of millions of people are equally dead because of communism.

It is far better that there exist a few hundred billionaires and 10s of thousands of homeless people than 100 million are murdered by their own government each century.

That should be more than sufficient but that’s not the only issue I have with socialism/communism. There is a more fundamental issue I have.

That equality of outcome is presumed as a desirable goal should be challenged whenever it raises its ugly head. Does anyone seriously believe someone who consistently makes extremely poor life choices and ends up homeless, a drug addict, and gravely ill should have the same standard of living as someone who consistently makes good life choices? If so, then I have serious doubts about having sufficient things in common with such a person to enable meaningful communication. They would literally be living in an alternate reality from me.—Joe]


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  1. Communism does end up with some very Capitalistic outcomes, though.

    Someone has to be in charge of enforcing the will of ‘The People’. Venezuela has gangs of ‘Colectivos’ who are given food and petrol so they can roam the country enforcing whatever laws they see fit and stripping the working class of whatever possessions they have. Rape, torture and murder are just a happy benefit of their job description.

    There will be low, mid and high level bureaucrats who enjoy similar benefits.

    I suppose those who snitch out their neighbors will get some scraps thrown their way.

    Higher ranking members of the Party will live on vast estates and have access to whatever humanitarian aid is allowed into the country and funnel it directly into their own, offshore bank accounts.

    That’s just human nature.

    You can even observe animal populations and see the same forces and outcomes at work.

    • Ya, it always seems to be about WHO gets to spend the money.
      It’s like your just trading rich thieves for bureaucratic thieves.

  2. I had the privilege of working for a very wealthy man. He was starting a web business and I was brought in to do the software development. When I met him he was wearing Carthart Jeans and coat having just come in from feeding his stock. I didn’t know, I didn’t care. He and his right hand man interviewed me and hired me.

    It wasn’t til 4 or five months later I found out just how wealthy he really was.
    Listening to him tell the seller of the plane he was buying “I don’t care, I’ll forfeit the deposit (>$100,000) if you don’t have my plane at XXX by next Wed.” They had his new plane there.
    It was interesting listening to him buy and sell things that I could only dream of owning.

    One of the “web designers” (not really, he was a poor graphics artist) started talking about how he deserved to be paid more because our boss was so rich.
    He talked about how unfair it was that our boss owned multiple houses and aircraft and cars and he was “barely getting by”.

    Well boss started with almost nothing. He made his money being smart and working from the his kitchen table while his wife worked a job so they would have a stable income.

    The fact that my boss owned a car didn’t mean I couldn’t own a car. His owning a plane didn’t stop me from owning a plane. I know for a fact that my salary got paid directly from his pocket for almost three years as we tried to make this web site pay.

    My co-worker was just unable to understand that the success of our boss just meant that we had an opportunity to succeed because WE had jobs and we had a chance to make a bunch of money if the website took off.

    • Perfect illustration Therefor. Thanks. Just as you and Joe point out. The expectation of equality of outcome seems to be the disconnect. As communism seem to me as more a mental lifestyle? Always complaining about what someone else has. No matter how impoverished the whole system is.
      That’s what pisses me off the most. They would kill us for being bourgeoisie as fast as they would Trump.

      • I think the statement goes something like this:
        To the man with 5 cows, the man with 50 is rich.
        To the man with 1 cow, the man with 5 cows is rich.
        To the man with no cows, the man with one cow is very rich.

        There will always be somebody that has more than you do. You can either stop whining and start working to succeed or you can attempt to drag him down to your level.

        Unfortunately, most seem to choose to drag the successful down to their level, and then push them down still further.

        • And that is why “thou shall not covet” is a commandment, and Envy is one of the seven deadly sins. Control those emotions, and many problems go away. That is why the left promotes them so much.

  3. A system where there are rich people and poor people is not unjust.

    A system where some people prevent other people from getting rich is unjust.

    Crony capitalism is unjust. Communism/socialism is widely unjust.

    Only a free market ‘system’ is moral. The extent of the ‘system’ is to prevent some from using force or coercion to interfere with people’s consensual interchange with other people. After that, the morality is down to the willing (even begrudging) participants, but it is not the ‘system’s’ issue.

  4. Ever wonder why almost every large entity has a new office of “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity”?

    • Because any organization not founded on explicit anti-Marxist principles will, upon achieving any substantive amount of economic/social power, be targeted by Marxists to infiltrate, undermine, co-opt and eventually take over the leadership components. They will then consume the organization from the inside, destroy what made it useful in the first place, then strut around in the hollowed out corpse and demand the respect that outer shell previously commanded. They can’t do the X that the old organization did that justified the respect, but they demand the respect without the X.

      Marxists can’t create or perform services that people want and value. That’s antithetical to their entire worldview. They can only capture the existing and suck it dry, expecting that the status quo will continue without them doing their part of the status quo.

      Evidence: all the university programs outside STEM, and now what remains of STEM. You can’t get English, history, arts, etc any more, pretty much anywhere but Hillsdale. You get Marxism Studies with different licks of paint on top.

      Alinsky and Marx didn’t accept that the enemy gets a vote. They thought that they would get what they wanted at the end of the Long March Through The Institutions, because Marxists always think the status quo continues after they pull a lever with one intended result. They can’t do second, third, fourth order implications. They didn’t see their last step plus one: Implosion Of The Institutions With The Marxists Still Inside, Possibly Proverbially.

  5. Let’s fix the quote, and do it in such a way as to expose the malignant dishonesty behind it;

    Capitalism is all about liberty; voluntary exchange. Communism is all about coercion; forced redistribution. By its nature, capitalism benefits from accepting all races and cultures, and does less well in the presence of unfair discrimination. It’s easily observed that creativity, productivity and service are linked with wealth. Capitalism uplifts everyone but criminals. Socialism abuses everyone but a minuscule clique of rulers.

    Socialism is the way to nullify both the positive benefits of merit and the negative consequences of poor choices. In that sense, it does indeed make everyone “equal” (that is, everyone but the powerful and connected). It puts those who make the best choices or have the best skills on an equal level with those who make the worst choices and have low skills. It brings everyone (but the powerful) down to a low, common level, often to the point of mass starvation and mass murder. Socialism suppresses the incentive to create and produce (and I submit that that is its primary purpose).

    But of course some minds cannot be changed, and will use all manner of rationalization to support the worst behaviors, even to the point of making them into virtues. The criminal mind, which thus invented socialism, is capable of turning reality completely upside down. For example I just heard a news report out of Bothel this morning; a man driving an unlicensed car had struck a person on a scooter. When police tried to pull him over, he exited his car, gun in hand, and shot the police, still in their cruiser, killing one cop and injuring the other. He claims he shot the police in self defense.

    And from his perspective I suppose he’s right. He was defending his criminal existence. No one wants to be arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned. It’s coming to the point where the criminal class is asserting; “Criminals have rights too.” That’s the socialist model. They want “equality”; equal freedom and equal wealth with those who obey the laws and honestly work for what they have. This is their meaning of “justice”. Only such a mindset can believe that socialism is a “just” system.

    Socialism punishes honesty, creativity, service and productivity. Capitalism, which is voluntary exchange (just another word for liberty), rewards them. Actually the system doesn’t reward, millions of people making their own decisions reward honesty, creativity, productivity and service.

    This of course drives socialists (criminals) into a murderous rage. It makes them feel they’ve been “set up”, which of course they have been– Criminals aren’t allowed to flourish under a system of liberty. They’re forced into the shadows, into the woodwork of society. To them then, “liberty is slavery”. In that sense they are indeed oppressed by a conspiracy.. And it is precisely that conspiracy which they wish to destroy!

    But of course, the system in which one lives cannot force him to be honest. People are imperfect. We are all sinners. No system of government can change that, but liberty under a set of simple and just laws (always anchored to the Ten Commandments) leads to the greatest prosperity. And THAT is the “PROBLEM” socialists have with liberty.

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